The Spanish rider Pedro Acosta (Kalex) has been exultant after clinching his Moto2 world title this Sunday at the Malaysian Grand Prix and has assured that the two remaining championship races, in Qatar and Valencia, are going to be “the most “beautiful” moments of his career, as they will allow him to say goodbye in peace to the Red Bull KTM Ajo, which has been like his “father” and his “mother” in these three years.

“‘Pedro Acosta world champion’ sounds good,” he acknowledged at the DAZN microphone after the race in Sepang. “A lot of people have written to me, I think this is all because of them, because last year I had a bad time. Today at the celebration there was a photo of me falling and I remembered every time I fell, every time they didn’t come out things,” he added.

In this sense, he was happy to have been able to become champion with “a lot of consistency.” “You can’t win 22 races, but the objective is that: to win all the races and be competitive in all of them. This year we have failed a little, but the crash at Le Mans hurt me a lot and it is still there. Australia hurt me a lot, I arrived and I locked myself in the room and said ‘no dinner today or anything,'” he recalled.

The Murcian, who will move up to MotoGP in 2024, also thanked the Red Bull KTM Ajo team. “There have been three years at Ajo Motorsport that have been incredible. This is the third, second World Cup, last year. I have not been very happy about leaving, because they have raised me, they have been like my father and my mother. I think that all this They have won the World Cup,” he said.

In addition, he acknowledged that he felt indebted to his team after the bad moments of the 2022 World Cup. “When you respect someone so much, as I do with the people on the team, you even feel ashamed. He said ‘how good they are and how bad I am.’ This year I decided to take it easy. It has been a season of settling all the mistakes we made last year and putting them all on the same point,” he explained.

On the other hand, he confessed that one of his great supporters has been Remy Gardner, Moto2 world champion in 2021. “I sent a message to Remy the day he won the World Championship and he sent me one today telling me to enjoy all the laps Remy was there pushing me a lot when things weren’t going my way; I remember a fight he gave me in Argentina, he turned red and the veins in his neck swelled, and my ass was tight. This is thanks to him, thanks to him. team and thanks to all the people who have been around me,” he said.

Acosta also remembered his manager Albert Valera, who got him an agreement with Red Bull KTM Ajo when he was left without a team before making his debut in the 2021 Moto3 World Championship. “It’s thanks to the team, it’s thanks to Albert Valera. Before “After entering the World Cup, I was left without a team a week after signing it and today I told him ‘man, how well everything has turned out,'” he said.

“I arrived at the World Championship as a child who didn’t even know how the motorcycle screen worked, I only knew that when the lights came on I had to change gears. I have grown up with them. I raced my first World Cup without my father or mother coming to the races, I think that’s where I became a lot smarter, I stopped being that shy kid who had a hard time talking. Now I just have to enjoy it. There are two races left with this team and I think they are going to be the most beautiful races of my career,” he concluded.