Barcelona, ​​May 3, 2023.

The group, specialized in products and personalized solutions for securing, lifting and optimizing the volume of cargo throughout the entire logistics chain, shares in this guide its knowledge on stowage and the correct loading of goods on the road.

With this guide, Forankra reinforces its objective of bringing its knowledge and experience in the sector closer to everyone, as well as presenting new products and services within it.Since its creation, more than 30 years ago, the mission of the Forankra group has been that of ensuring proper stowage and protection of any merchandise, by land, sea and air, to avoid damage and accidents. From there the motto was born: “Secures everything in transit”. and the necessary services, but also the regulations and responsibilities that the safe transport and protection of goods entail”, explains Fran Muñoz, General Director of Forankra Spain. In this lively and intelligent guide, Forankra makes available to everyone not only its solutions and knowledge about the stowage and correct loading of goods on the road, but also a series of new services focused on improving safety in road transport. Inside, users will find expanded content on solutions, multimedia material and specific sections that will facilitate the stowage calculations necessary for each load, in addition to the choice of the products necessary to carry them out in an ideal, responsible and sustainable manner. In addition, it has specific sections dedicated to regulations, legislation and responsibilities that affect all the protagonists related to the transport of goods, from the manufacturer of the load to the carrier that carries it.” Our wish is that this guide becomes the necessary and essential source of knowledge for anyone who has doubts about how to properly stow any load when it comes to shipping. transport it. Herein are the answers and calculations to the vast majority of these questions, which will facilitate safer work on a daily basis, thus achieving safer road transport step by step and together”, according to Fran Muñoz, General Director of Forankra Spain. For more information

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