(Barcelona, ​​November 10, 2023.-) In the course of a year since its inauguration, the “3 Generaciones” podcast has managed to position itself at number 45 in the ranking of the most listened to podcasts in all of Spain. This production, which is characterized by its original proposal, brings together three members of the same family, grandmother, mother and son, who sit in front of the microphones to offer a unique vision of life from three different generations. Within the category of humor and entertainment, the podcast has attracted hundreds of listeners over the last year who have fun with its anecdotes, reflections and crazy ideas enhanced by its solid family bond.

With more than 50 episodes broadcast over the course of a year, the “3 Generaciones” podcast has earned a prominent position within the ranking of the most listened to podcasts in all of Spain. Being number 45, the audiovisual production has established itself as a national reference very shortly after its inauguration, due to the great reception from its audience. It should be noted that this achievement positions the “3 Generaciones” podcast above other similar proposals in the same category.

Without scripts, with naturalness and spontaneity, the program “3 Generaciones” highlights the richness of its ties, driven by its distinctive sense of humor, typical of Maite de Miguel, Elena Batista and Ignacio Santacreu. The podcast, which has earned a special place in the hearts of the Spanish public, is a unique example of family unity, as it brings together three generations of the same family to explore life from their different perspectives.

Recently, “3 Generaciones” has ensured its availability to a wider audience by launching its own YouTube channel. On this channel, listeners can enjoy funny reactions and humorous moments in streaming format.

For those who wish to listen to the podcast online or at any time of the day, “3 Generaciones” has made sure to be present on all relevant digital platforms, such as Spotify, Apple and Ivoox. In any of these spaces, the audience can subscribe and listen to each of the episodes already broadcast or to be broadcast, so as not to miss a second of the fun of these three generations. In turn, listeners can follow their social networks to stay up to date with the latest updates and news about the podcast.

The success of “3 Generaciones” in just one year since its inauguration is the result of the quality and authenticity that this podcast offers to its audience, the result of family unity and the complicit humor with which they connect with the Spanish audience.


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