Presentation of All About Data, an initiative by Innova-tsn and Rooter to facilitate learning in Data and AI. The event, in addition to presenting a new teaching methodology, had as its central focus professional profiles in the world of Data and Artificial Intelligence

On September 14, a new initiative focused on training and research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Data was presented at the Madrid Innovation Lab.

Its precursors are Innova-tsn and Rooter, which combine their knowledge with the aim of covering the existing demand for this type of profiles in the current market.

Ignacio Barahona, Director of Data Value at Innova-tsn, presents this company, founded almost 20 years ago, which is an expert in the design and implementation of intelligent advanced analytics solutions. His experience brings, to this initiative, the market knowledge that allows his training to have a practical application that reflects what is really happening today.

Conrado Castillo, CEO of Rooter, presents this company, which since 2008 has been an expert in the development of content and studies in the field of the digital economy. With more than 355,000 students trained with his content, he provides a methodology that makes the most technical learning easy.

From the union of these two companies, All About Data was born, which, as Laura Merlo, its Director of Operations, comments, is an initiative that carries out research and studies on trends that are subsequently applied as analysis cases in their training, using a learning by methodology. doing. Furthermore, thanks to the development of a tool that maps the previous needs of people and companies, they can generate training itineraries that adapt training to the needs of each one, including the development of soft, ethical and legal skills in all their programs.

The precursors of this initiative were accompanied by Carolina Martínez, Operations Manager of Innova-tsn. Carolina Martínez introduced, both to the attendees present and to those who did so via streaming, the new types of projects that companies are faced with, highlighting, above all, the need for data processing and analysis in the center of all of them. She also explained which are the most prominent profiles in this field, indicating what exactly they do within an organization, as well as what skills they need to develop.

Finally, the event closed with the words of Fernando de Pablo, General Director of the Digital Office of the Madrid City Council, who explained that they are working to put technology at the service of the people and the growth of Madrid, promoting infrastructures digital such as data centers, communications and cybersecurity to generate opportunities, strengthen competitiveness and facilitate sustainable development and people’s quality of life, among other things. In addition, he commented on the need to train profiles, both technical and non-technical, in various areas related to Artificial Intelligence and Data, focused not only on how to use tools or how to program, but also including what can and cannot be done. with the data, how it is analyzed, how it is visualized, in general, how everyone can take advantage of it, a message completely aligned with what All About Data intends to do.


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Photo caption: Presentation of new training initiative

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