SCHIPHOL, The Netherlands, May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GIDARA Energy is pleased to announce that it has obtained a key environmental permit for its Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (AMA) plant, which is a major step forward in the mission of the company to decarbonize the industry. The environmental permit, granted by the province of Noord-Holland, allows GIDARA Energy to build its advanced methanol plant that will convert local waste into advanced methanol.

The renewable methanol facility, located in the port of Amsterdam, will use GIDARA Energy’s patented HTW® gasification technology to convert waste into biomethanol, a versatile fuel that can be used in road transport, in the maritime sector and to produce sustainable aviation fuels. Obtaining this permit is an important milestone in the development of the facility, which will enable the production of renewable fuels and, in the future, of high-quality circular chemicals.

The permitting process included a detailed review of the project, including a comprehensive assessment of its potential environmental impacts, a public consultation process, and a full review of the proposed design and construction plans to ensure the facility complies with all standards. applicable environmental GIDARA Energy has worked closely with local authorities and scientific experts to ensure the facility has minimal environmental impact and is safe for the community, while meeting the growing global demand for advanced methanol and renewable energy.

GIDARA Energy’s founder, Wim van der Zande, and CEO, Dr. Norbert Kamp, expressed their enthusiasm for the permit, saying: “We are delighted to have obtained this permit and are looking forward to starting work on the construction of our advanced methanol plant. This facility is a significant step forward in our mission to reduce global carbon emissions and create a more circular economy. We thank the permitting authorities for their diligent and thorough review and look forward to continuing to work with them as that we are advancing with the construction of our facilities”.

Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (AMA) will be built at BioPark, the main development site for renewable fuel producers in the Port of Amsterdam. The facility will convert approximately 360,000 tons of waste into 90,000 tons of renewable methanol each year.

Roon van Maanen, Head of Energy and Circular Industry at the Port of Amsterdam, said: ”Congratulations to GIDARA Energy on this important step in realizing their sustainable methanol plant. The Port of Amsterdam facilitates companies that promote circular activities and the energy transition. The GIDARA plant, which transforms waste into methanol, is a stellar example that will fit perfectly into our port’s sustainability goals. We look forward to the time they start building.”

About GIDARA Energy

GIDARA Energy focuses on converting non-recyclable waste into advanced biofuels and circular chemicals using proprietary technologies. GIDARA Energy’s high-temperature Winkler technology (HTW® 2.0 and, in the near future, HTW® 3.0) can be used to produce valuable products and advanced biofuels (renewable methanol and sustainable aviation fuel) for use in air transport. road, maritime and aviation sectors, helping these sectors to reduce the use of fossil resources, reduce carbon emissions and become more sustainable.

GIDARA Energy’s goal is to meet the demand for cleaner fuels, reduce global carbon emissions, reduce waste and create a more circular economy. The patented HTW® 2.0 technology is the leading gasification process, with decades of experience in commercial scale waste gasification. Over the years technology has been significantly improved to achieve better results and handle a wide range of raw materials.

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About GIDARA Energy’s Waste to Chemical facilities

Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (AMA) and Advanced Methanol Rotterdam (AMR) are the main renewable fuels facilities of GIDARA Energy, based in the Port of Amsterdam and the Port of Rotterdam, respectively. The Advanced Methanol facility will achieve a combined reduction of 700,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2eq) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per year, producing approximately 180,000 tons of renewable methanol per year by converting 360,000 tons of non-recyclable waste premises that are currently being incinerated.

Secondary streams, such as green CO2 and solid waste, are used for greenhouses and cement fills, respectively. Its goal is to contribute to better fuels and a circular economy while providing port expansion, therefore more employment. The Advanced Methanol facility will work closely with local partners and various universities.

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