Madrid, September 19, 2023.

“Rethink your style” is a collaborative proposal that was born to play an active role for both brands as agents of change, promoting the circular economy in design, as well as new and young talent with more sustainable production and creation models.

ibis Styles, lifestyle brand of the Accor group, with its inspiring hotels of bold and surprising design, presents, together with Epson, a leader in innovation and more efficient, compact and precise technologies, its new collaborative project “Rethink Your Style”, at the fair C!Print Madrid. This is a proposal that was born to play an active role as agents of change, promoting the transition towards more sustainable production models in interior design, the textile sector, and the personalization of spaces and products. Through the circular economy, reusing resources and using lower-impact printing technologies, the “Rethink Your Style” initiative gives new life to plastic waste collected from the sea using Epson’s innovative heatless printing technology . To this end, both companies will work together with three leading design schools, giving the opportunity for new talents to rethink and redesign spaces in three ibis Styles hotels located in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Lisbon. “Rethink your Style” is part of the initiative ” BSearcular”, alliance formed in 2022 by design schools, textile production suppliers in Portugal and Spain and Epson. Through this project, plastics from the oceans have been reused to make fashion garments created by young design talents. Thus, it focuses on three areas of action that include inspiring society through a new way of approaching design from a sustainable aspect with a vision of circular economy and lower impact technologies, promote the new talent of the professionals of the future with sustainable commitment and vision of positive change, and champion the concept of alliances in favor of common objectives, based on the Goals of Sustainable Development.”In a context of climate emergency like the current one, it is essential that organizations, regardless of their size or sector, have the technology and raw materials that allow them to move towards production models that are more respectful of the environment. Through of “Rethink Your Style”, we want to share with the public that, if we work in a coordinated manner, with creativity and innovation, and using the appropriate solutions, the change towards a better tomorrow is possible” said Raul Sanahuja, head of communications at Epson. Ibérica.In this sense, this project is aligned with the creative and groundbreaking spirit of ibis Styles, with the sustainability policies of the Accor group, a pioneer in following CO2 reduction programs; and with the use of renewable energies, in accordance with decarbonization objectives set with the SBTI (Science Based Target Initiative) method. “Rethink Your Style” requires society and draws the attention of companies, designers and consumers to the necessary apply creativity and rigor to achieve, together, a plastic-free ocean and be able to carry out more sustainable practices. In this sense, ibis Styles puts its enormous inspiring power at the service of this cause,” says Laura Alves, Brand Marketing Manager of the Eco brands.

Contact Contact name: Raúl Sanahuja Contact description: Epson/Communication Contact phone: 935821589