— China Unicom and Huawei’s excursion to the steppes of Inner Mongolia

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 13, 2023/PRNewswire/ — In Inner Mongolia, one of China’s five autonomous regions, the prefecture-level city of Chifeng is famous for its grassy plains that stretch for miles and miles, winding rivers and yurts dotting the grasslands. As idyllic as these rural settings may be, they are not isolated, as they have extensive network access. Signal bars are always full wherever people live, farm animals can roam freely with GPS tags, and shepherds can enjoy their nomadic lives while staying connected to the outside world.

Persistence equals excellence

In August, the area’s picturesque national forest park gained national attention thanks to online performances by a Mongolian performing arts team. “Everything is just stunning. The artists. The scenery. The music. The costumes.” The audience was greatly impressed by what they saw during the live broadcasts. “We often broadcast live this way, but our performances would not be as smooth without the proper network. We use China Unicom SIM cards and they provide us with more than enough traffic,” explained an artist playing the traditional horsehead violin. from Mongolia.

China Unicom Inner Mongolia has been widely recognized for the excellent quality of its network. Working with Huawei and other partners, it was awarded the rare “Excellent Operator” title as part of the 2022 national assessment of mobile network quality in key locations.

Geographically located on the northern border of China, Inner Mongolia extends around 2,400 kilometers from east to west. Diverse landforms, a sparse population, and inadequate transportation increase the complexity of building and maintaining communications networks in the region.

The deputy general manager explained that, to bring coverage to as many sparsely populated areas as possible, China Unicom deployed macro and micro base stations that can operate effectively in the 900 MHz spectrum. The company also took advantage of directional antennas to address signal attenuation. signal in high-speed mobility scenarios and attached great importance to network optimization. User experience is your top priority.

Remote, but connected

“The plains are far from the rest of the world, but people are not. We can buy and sell things easily from our phones. China Unicom has changed our lives and now we are connecting with the world,” said the owner of a family ranch.

China Unicom quickly brought wide and fast coverage to rural areas by deploying low-band 900 MHz networks. The operator has brought coverage to 98.5% of administrative villages, a figure that was only 53% in 2018. %.

Easy access to reliable networks has fundamentally changed the way people live in these villages. The landlady added that she can watch TV at any time, children can study and entertain themselves on the Internet, and mobile payments eliminate the hassle of carrying cash. She is glad that fewer and fewer locals are moving in and more and more people are coming to visit the area.

The landlady also shared her joy at not having to chase the farm animals anymore, because she can always see their whereabouts on her phone. Supported by the operator’s extensive broadband network, herders can add their animals to GPS systems, install high-definition cameras in grazing areas and implement automatic drinking water systems for animals. The network does all the complex work, eliminating the need for a lot of repetitive human work. With the support of 4G/5G and advanced information technologies, agriculture and livestock in the region are moving towards more sustainable development.

China Unicom is committed to making production and life easier for residents here in areas that will truly have a significant impact, such as telemedicine, legal advice and online shopping.

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