Large enterprises achieve fast cross-cloud networking for distributed data access

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Prosimo, a leader in multicloud networking solutions, has announced the launch of Cross-Cloud Service Connect, a new set of capabilities under its Service Networking architecture. This capability addresses technical limitations of the PrivateLink network

This cloud-native solution unlocks three key use cases: distributed data access (e.g. AI/ML engine accessing data across clouds), B2B partner connectivity across clouds, and self-service of the developer to connect only the endpoints of interest.

“With enterprises adopting various AI services from different clouds and accessing distributed data, cloud networks have to evolve rapidly to interconnect these service endpoints simply and securely. Cloud networking solutions on the market that “They focus solely on IP connectivity and do not understand service endpoints. Technologies like service mesh have been talked about for a long time; companies are struggling with their proxies and agents that do not scale and work for PaaS applications,” said Mani Ganesan, Vice President of Product at Prosimo.

“At best, native cloud provider tools, like PrivateLink, solve the problem in a single region of your cloud, not all clouds or regions. We created Cross-Cloud Service Connect to solve this problem at this critical juncture in their cloud adoption journey,” Ganesan added.

Connecting applications and services between clouds is extremely complex today

Enterprises face the challenge of connecting application and service endpoints across different clouds. For example, AI and ML engines running in a cloud need access to data from a different cloud, and business logic in a cloud requires access to a cloud-native database or an S3 bucket in a cloud. different. Although hyperscalers offer customers native and innovative networking services, enterprises still have to take intensive manual steps and bring in third-party networking and proxy stacks to enable cross-cloud connectivity. Modern service mesh offerings do not address cloud-native endpoints such as PaaS applications, and the traditional networking stack running at the IP layer requires heavy IT and expensive, time-consuming approaches.

Prosimo Cross-Cloud Service Connect is based on its Full Stack architecture – so it is lightweight, offers fine-grained access control to ensure compliance, and is more secure and cost-effective. Additionally, Prosimo’s integration with Layer 3 connectivity fabrics like Megaport creates interconnectivity between clouds and regions in minutes. It acts as the critical connectivity layer, providing the fast response times needed for modern cloud infrastructure operations.

Cross-Cloud Connect in action

Key benefits of Prosimo Cross-Cloud Service Connect include:

Unlock the agility of cloud networking

This solution is already in production with Fortune 500 companies and has several use cases that demonstrate its proven success. The three main use cases that customers are implementing are Cross-Cloud Service Connect:

Use Case 1: Enabling Fast and Secure Distributed Data AccessProsimo has enabled fast and secure distributed data access of business-critical data for several data management systems, including Google Cloud’s BigQuery for interactive analysis of large sets. and AWS Sagemaker for data preprocessing and model training for sophisticated risk analysis. Below are examples of distributed data scenarios solved by companies with this approach:

Use Case 2: Business Partner Connectivity The solution has also been shown to foster B2B partner connectivity while prioritizing security. Prosimo achieved this by providing lightweight PrivateLink and endpoint-based architectures to connect only the endpoints of interest between clouds.

Use Case 3: Self-Service Cloud Networking for Developers Finally, Cross-Cloud Service Connect eliminates the complexities associated with network, access, and security requirements for developers to improve self-service. This simplification allows any application endpoint – including fully qualified domain names (FQDNs), IP addresses, containers, Kubernetes (K8s), platform as a service (PaaS), and serverless endpoints – to connect. seamlessly to a network or security boundary with the appropriate policies.

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About Prosimo:Prosimo delivers simplified multicloud infrastructure for distributed enterprise cloud journeys. Enterprises innovate faster and stay in control with the integrated Prosimo stack. This stack combines cloud networking, performance, security, observability and cost management, all based on data and machine learning models with autonomous cloud networks to reduce complexity and risk. Advanced cloud companies, including F100s, have adopted Prosimo to successfully deploy revenue-generating applications, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate positive business outcomes. Prosimo is backed by major investors such as General Catalyst, WRVI Capital and Blackrock. For more information, visit

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