-Roborock Introduces Home Cleaning Center: Pioneering a New Era of Immaculate Homes and Greater Well-Being

BEIJING, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On June 1, Roborock (688169.SH) officially announced the appointment of Xiao Zhan as Roborock Global Brand Ambassador and introduced the highly anticipated Roborock Home Cleaning Center. This state-of-the-art center seamlessly integrates Roborock’s three flagship products – sweeping robots, floor scrubbers and washer-dryer combos – into a complete home cleaning solution. With this innovative collection of products, users can improve the cleanliness of their homes and clothing, while setting a new standard for home aesthetics.

Roborock A10 Ultra Smart Floor Scrubber: Greater Efficiency and Versatility for Greater Comfort

Efficiency: The newly launched in 2023 Roborock A10 Ultra floor scrubber adopts a robust inward-rolling double brush design that can pick up both dry and wet dirt, leaving no gaps thanks to its double side edge design. With this advanced scrubber, users can perform their daily floor cleaning tasks effortlessly and comfortably, ensuring spotless floors with the utmost ease.

Versatility: The A10 Ultra is a complete solution for home cleaning, as it not only works as a floor scrubber, but also as a stand-alone vacuum cleaner and dust mite remover. Additionally, it features self-cleaning and drying functions, ensuring optimal performance in a wide range of cleaning situations.

Comfort: The A10 Ultra features two-way assist, making it easy to effortlessly push and pull. Its light body, together with the ergonomic design of the handle, guarantee great ease of use.

Roborock G20/S8 Pro Ultra Self-Cleaning Mopping and Sweeping Robot: Twice the Efficiency with Advanced Innovations

Introducing the star mopping and sweeping robot of the year, the Roborock G20/S8 Pro Ultra. This exceptional unit revolutionizes cleaning with its advanced improvements in sweeping and mopping functions. With its innovative dual spiral brushes that deliver powerful suction up to 6000Pa, the G20 effortlessly removes pet hair and debris. To further enhance its capabilities, the robot is equipped with four-zone dual-vibration mops, ensuring more effective stain removal than ever before.

The G20/S8 Pro Ultra Base Station represents a significant step up from its previous iteration, with significant improvements to self-cleaning, drying, and automatic water supply. The advanced base station combines the convenience of automatic mop cleaning and drying, automatic dust collection, automatic water replenishment and automatic cleaning fluid dispensing, all integrated into a single device.

Roborock H1 Molecular Sieve Washer and Dryer: Elevating Laundry Care with High Performance Efficiency

Continuing its commitment to innovation and expanding its product range, Roborock introduces an innovative addition to its line. Through its patented low-temperature drying technology with innovative molecular sieve research and development, the company has effectively overcome common challenges found in traditional partial washers and dryers, such as moisture reabsorption and high-pressure damage. temperature. With the remarkable Roborock H1, you can expect performance on a par with standalone washers and dryers, with the added bonus of certifications for washing and drying delicate fabrics like wool and silk.

Roborock H1 is also designed to fit multiple home layouts and interior styles. To meet the needs of people who lead fast-paced lifestyles, the combo eliminates the need to wait for clothes to wash and hang to dry or manually feed them into a dryer.

Innovative technology enhances market competitiveness.

According to Roborock’s 2022 financial report, investment in research and development has increased by 10.85% over the previous year. The increased investment has yielded remarkable results, as Roborock has obtained 417 authorized patents both nationally and internationally. Thanks to these advances, the company has made significant technological advances and has continually improved the performance of its products. As a testament to its excellence, Roborock smart cleaning products enjoy immense popularity in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, including Europe, North America, Japan, and South Korea.

Roborock possesses a deep understanding of the evolving needs of homes, allowing for endless possibilities in the living spaces of the home. By offering a range of highly automated, smart and efficient technology products, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to continually improve the home living experience.

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