Renta 4 Banco has simplified the purchase of Treasury Bills in the secondary market for all its clients, who will be able to contract said fixed income vehicle through two ‘clicks’, as reported by the entity in a statement.

In addition, it has renewed the fixed income management platform, a development that now also allows access to international public debt (Europe and America), so investors will be able to buy bonds and bills from European countries and the United States in a “simple” way. , agile and in a market with greater liquidity”.

The renewal also includes a more intuitive navigation for the purchase that allows you to select the desired quantity, product and expiration period, and immediately proceed to contracting.

Renta 4 remembers that it has intermediation commissions of 0.2% in the secondary market for bills, Spanish public debt (on nominal) and international public debt (on cash). Likewise, it offers a 0% custody fee for Spanish Treasury bills.