The acting Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has explained that the car in which Emma Igual, the Spanish aid worker who died in Ukraine last Saturday, was traveling, disintegrated with the explosion of the Russian projectile that hit the vehicle.

When asked about the repatriation of the body of the aid worker who ran the NGO ‘Road to relief’, Robles detailed that the car, after receiving the impact of the Russian attack, exploded and disintegrated. “With that I am telling you enough,” Robles stressed this Monday at a press conference at the Ministry headquarters.

In this sense, she has indicated that both the Spanish embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are in contact with the volunteer’s family and NGO and has indicated that she herself has provided them with her personal telephone number for whatever they need.

The acting Defense Minister did not want to give more details regarding this matter out of caution, since she is not sure that the family of the deceased knows all the exact information.

For its part, the NGO directed by Emma Igual has explained in a publication on Instagram that the Spanish Government has confirmed the death of the aid worker. However, the two injured companions who were also traveling in the same car found “no clear signs of Emma’s body at the scene during the accident or later when the military unit went out to recover Tonko’s body” (the Canadian volunteer who also died). in the attack).

Likewise, the NGO has noted that it is in contact with military squads and their commanders regarding a second review and the possibility of recovery of the body and/or confirmation of DNA.

On the other hand, ‘Road to relief’ has detailed that Emma Igual will posthumously receive the Grand Cross of the Order of Isabel la Católica and that Tonko’s body is in the process of being transferred to the Ukrainian city of Dnipro in a refrigerated truck to a facility refrigerated in preparation for repatriation.