– Ampace has forged strategic collaborations with multiple companies in the industrial chain to accelerate the growth of the global electric motorcycle market

CHONGQING, China, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On September 15, Xiamen Ampace Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Ampace”), a company recognized for its commitment to pioneering lithium battery research and innovation, marked its inaugural presence at the 21st China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition, introducing its cutting-edge “Kun-Era” lithium battery series. During this event, Ampace has signed important strategic cooperation agreements with a number of leading electric motorcycle companies and prominent battery exchange companies.

Chongqing LONCIN Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

Chongqing LONCIN Motorcycle Co., Ltd. specializes in motorcycles and engines with products covering more than 100 countries and regions. At last year’s China International Motorcycle Exhibition in Chongqing, the first R5T electric motorcycle, introduced by LONCIN under the BRICOSE brand, proudly sported Ampace batteries.

Nanjing VMOTO Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

Nanjing VMOTO Motorcycle Co., Ltd. is a global heavyweight in new energy electric motorcycles and a provider of new energy solutions. Ampace’s inaugural product in the e-motorcycle sector, the 7245, powered VMOTO’s esteemed TC-MAX, aimed at the high-end dirt bike segment.

Yadea Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Yadea Technology Group Co., Ltd. occupies a leading position in the electric vehicle sector. The “Kun-Era” battery, designed to substantially extend vehicle range and mitigate range anxiety, is set to support Yadea’s efforts in promoting “green mobility” both domestically and internationally.

Segway-Ninebot Technology Co., Ltd.

In the microvehicle sector, Ampace plays a key role as a strategic partner of Segway-Ninebot Technology Co. Ltd. Ampace supplies customized lithium batteries for Segway-Ninebot’s flagship models. In 2019, Segway-Ninebot launched the E-125 electric scooter, powered by Ampace’s 7427 power battery pack. Impressively, the cumulative supply of 7427 battery packs has already exceeded 100,000 sets.

Zhejiang CFMOTO Power Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang CFMOTO Power Co., Ltd. occupies a prominent position as a major player in the high-displacement fuel motorcycle market, and its products are exported to nearly 100 countries and regions around the world. The “ZEEHO” brand, launched by CFMOTO Power, encompasses products such as AE6 and AE8, all of which are equipped with Ampace lithium batteries.

Indonesia’s Leading Battery Swapping Company — SWAP

Ampace has meticulously designed a comprehensive urban battery swapping solution. With the introduction of the electric motorcycle-specific “Kun-Era” battery and urban battery swapping, Ampace’s highly efficient urban battery swapping solution is set to further elevate the quality of service and experience of riders. SWAP users.

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