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Madrid, January 22, 2024.- Gabriel Lass’s participation in the Ad Astra exhibition held at the Campano Museum in Capua was the perfect closing for an intense 2023. The sought-after abstract art painter was one of the protagonists of this group exhibition that remained open until December 29.

The organizers of Ad Astra described it as “an artistic journey that challenged boundaries and celebrated the creative diversity” of the contemporary painting movement. In addition to Lass, the exhibition presented works by 19 other artists with personal expressive languages ​​and original perspectives, with which they created a “fascinating” universe.

The Campano Museum is a space dedicated to art that opened its doors in 1874 in the Antigiano Palace. It is a building located in the historic center of Capua that maintains a permanent display of the archaeological finds of the Partturelli Fund. In its rooms you can also see objects of pre-Roman origin and also a medieval section.

The museum comprises a total of 32 rooms. It is particularly famous for the Matres Matutae, terracotta statues representing a mother with a child in her arms. Part of its treasures suffered significant damage or disappeared during World War II, so it had to be closed in 1945, reopening 11 years later.

This place full of symbolism was the last showcase of 2023 for Gabriel Lass, as a luxury guest at the Ad Astra exhibition. The exhibition was curated by the famous Gianpaolo Coronas and presented by art historian Vicenzo Pirozzi. Public attendance was constant from the first to the last day.

2023 was an intense year for Gabriel Lass, since during the 12 months he was one of the most requested artists for different painting exhibitions. In March he exhibited Etéreo, a collection of works in which the artist wanted to capture the intangible, subtle and vaporous. Between March and April he participated in the group exhibition The Island of Creativity, held at the Museum of the Sea, in Alicante.

Between April and May he was present at the Pantone collective at the Azur Gallery, located in Madrid and where colors were the protagonists. Almost without rest, June was the month when Lass showed her works in the group exhibition Urban Traffic, at the Gael Gallery in Milan. The exhibition was a profound reflection on the urban landscapes that are seen daily from the tumultuous traffic of large cities.

June was also the month of 3 other exhibitions for the artist: Genius Loci, in Santa Pola, (Es) Temporary in Rome and Break a leg. The latter took place in Florence, in the spaces of the Luigi Bellini Museum. During August and September the abstract artist participated in Oltre i confini, Overview and L’avvento della Modernità in Perugia, Rome and New York, respectively. Before exhibiting at Ad Astra he presented his individual exhibition Intimità Artística in Sant’Arpino.


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