Madrid, September 13, 2023.

Holcim, a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative and sustainable materials and solutions for construction, has trusted the international provider of fall protection products, services and training, KEE SAFETY, for the installation of fall protection systems at the Carboneras factory. in Almeria

“The health and safety of workers is a priority for Holcim, ahead of any other business issue in each and every area of ​​activity,” acknowledges Paloma Muñoz-Calero, head of Health and Safety at Holcim Spain. “At Holcim, safety is a value and all actions are aimed not only at preventing accidents, but also at business development with the objective of zero damage.” From this strong commitment to safety, Holcim has opted for KEE SAFETY as guarantor of anti-fall protection on the stairs at the Carboneras factory (Almería), one of the most important in Spain in terms of clinker production volume (the main component of cement) and where around a hundred employees carry out their daily work. workers.Thus, KEE SAFETY has supplied and installed dozens of its Kee Gate ® safety doors intended to protect workers from falls through the cat ladders present in the facilities. And falls are one of the main reasons for workplace accidents in Spain, where in 2021 alone a total of 78 fatal accidents due to falls from height were recorded, according to the Workplace Accident Statistics (EAT) of the Ministry of Labor. and Social Economy, many of them from stairs of various types. “The Kee Gate ® swing doors are the perfect safety solution to block the possible risks associated with falls through the gaps of these cat stairs,” says Stefano Montaldo, director of Business Development of Kee Safety Ltd. in Spain and coordinator of the project. With its automatic closing system, Kee Gate ® provides additional protection to people working at any level. It is also a fully adjustable solution, which can accommodate openings of up to one meter, as well as reversible (the hinges can be on either the right or left side), which makes its installation even easier. “Of course,” continues Montaldo. , “Kee Gate ® complies with current regulations, meeting the requirements of UNE-EN ISO 14122 on ‘Means of permanent access to machines and industrial facilities’, whose objective is the prevention of falls at different levels.” In addition, he continues, “the specific model acquired by Holcim guarantees continuous operation even in corrosive environments, assured from a corrosion resistance salt spray test carried out for 672 hours.” With an experience of more than 80 years in the manufacture of components for the construction of safety barriers, currently operating in more than 60 countries (including Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, China, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, France, etc.), the declared objective Kee Safety, since its foundation in 1934, has been none other than saving lives, separating people from dangers. Kee Safety Ltd. also has a qualified consulting service, with the competence to certify any fall protection equipment and installed and ensure that the process has been carried out according to the manufacturer’s specifications; a risk analysis service, capable of exhaustively evaluating the most relevant areas that pose a danger to workers in the workplace; and an inspection service, which will periodically verify that the safety of the equipment used continues to comply with current regulations.*******************Kee Safety Ltd. is a world leader in intelligent safety solutions, supplying innovative components and custom systems for guardrails, barriers, roof edge protection, fall prevention and safe access equipment. Since 1934, their systems have helped save countless lives. Experts in workplace safety, Kee Safety Ltd. works every day to set industry standards, as well as collaborating with multiple global safety standards committees and research projects aimed at continuous improvement and the constant discovery of new ways to make Working at height is even safer. More information:

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