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The Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Interior of the Community of Madrid, Carlos Novillo Piris, visits, together with representatives of the Cementos Portland Valderrivas Group in El Porcal, a farm owned by the Group, which is included as a biosphere reserve of the Community of Madrid. Madrid, and as a protected wetland within the CAM Wetland Catalog to witness a new release of 20 specimens of Pardilla Teal

Madrid, March 18, 2024.- Carlos Novillo has been accompanied by the general director of Biodiversity and Forest Management of the CAM, Irene Aguiló; the mayor of Rivas Vaciamadrid, Aida Castillejo and the councilor for Ecological Transition, Juan José González, to attend the third release of Cerceta Pardilla that takes place on this farm, which has been chosen because it is an ideal location in which an attempt is being made. that the species prospers and that they settle definitively in the Community.Javier Delgado, representing the management of Cementos Portland Valderrivas, accompanied by Carlos Alonso, from the Sustainability Area, and the Group’s Communication Manager, Eva Cañadas, have received those responsible for the Environment of the Community of Madrid, transferring their conservation strategy for El Porcal and the results of the project so far. Very satisfied that 5 specimens from a previous release have definitively established themselves on the farm. El Porcal occupies an area of ​​432 hectares, and one of the most important natural ecosystems in the Community of Madrid has developed there. It is located in the municipality of Rivas-Vaciamadrid, in the heart of the Southeast Regional Park of Madrid, at the confluence between the Jarama and Manzanares rivers, just 40 kilometers from the capital. In its beginnings, back in 1971, El Porcal was a gravel pit authorized for the use of gravel and sand resources. Until 2008, aggregates were obtained from the farm for the construction and development of infrastructure, and for supply to other large industries such as cement, glass or paint, among others. As a result of the extractive work, 10 large lagoons were created, along with other smaller ones, which over time have become the most important wetland in the Community of Madrid. For this reason, today it is included in the catalog of protected spaces of the Southeast Regional Park of Madrid, and at the European level, due to its unique interest, within the NATURA 2000 NETWORK. For the conservation of the property, the Group maintains an agreement with the Naumanni Naturalists Association, who, for more than three decades, have been in charge of its care. 184 species of vertebrates live there; among which the Badger and the Otter stand out. 147 species of birds, 15 of which are cataloged in the Regional Catalog of Endangered Species. The White-headed Duck is threatened at the national level and 10% of the national population reproduces in Porcal. The Red Duck has the only breeding population in the CAM here with more than 40 pairs. The Purple Heron has the largest breeding colony in the region with more than 45 pairs. It also has 14 species of amphibians and reptiles such as the natterjack toad or the leper toad, both of which are protected. In addition, it has the only population of Glaucium flavum in the Community of Madrid, a species of yellow poppy that is cataloged within the priority habitats of the European Union. Issuer: Cementos Portland

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