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BEIRUT, Jan. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Puck, a purpose-driven global brand owned by multinational dairy company Arla Foods, today announced the launch of “Selfless Shelves,” an initiative aimed at empowering five female entrepreneurs out of five. different villages in Lebanon, giving them space on the shelves of Carrefour stores to sell their artisanal and locally sourced products known as “mouneh”, packaged in repurposed Puck glass jars. These jars highlight each woman’s moving story and aim to help their families with an income. The artisanal products that these five women will be selling include culinary delights such as eggplant makdous, zaatar, dried bitter orange peels, sumac and pumpkin jam, and are now available on the shelves of some Carrefour branches in Lebanon from January 22 of 2024.

Puck is launching this initiative in light of Lebanon’s economic crisis, which has left a staggering 63% of women unemployed, according to a UN Women report. This is particularly prevalent in Lebanon’s remote regions, where employment opportunities have reached an all-time low. As a result, women in Lebanese villages have resorted to selling “mouneh” to their communities as a means of earning a basic income. Puck noticed the initiative of these women to support their families and decided to encourage them to continue seeking forms of income of their own, providing them with jars and shelf space for their products.

Yahia Adel Z AlSharif, Category Manager at Arla Foods, expressed his enthusiasm for this campaign, stating: “Puck’s proactive efforts towards sustainable consumer behavior across the community aim to bring about positive change on a socio-economic and environmental level. It turns out inspiring to see how Puck is taking action through ongoing campaigns to encourage conscious habits by reusing their glass jars, while supporting and empowering local, women-led craft businesses in Lebanon.”

And this is just the beginning. Puck is aware of the importance of female empowerment in society and has announced that the “Selfless Shelving” initiative is a pilot project for more programs that the brand intends to launch in the future, to continue taking conscious steps towards improving well-being of women by offering them healthier products, a varied offer and inspiring recipes.

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