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Agreement closed for three seasons whereby the brand logo will appear on the official kits of the green and white team in both the F League and the Queen’s Cup. The company will also collaborate with Forever Green, the Club’s sustainability platform.

Real Betis and Social Energy have reached an agreement whereby the aforementioned company, dedicated to the sale of solar panels and photovoltaic installations, will become the main sponsor of the Verdiblanco women’s first team until June 30, 2026.

The brand logo will appear on the front of the kits for the next three years, starting this 2023/24 season in both the Women’s Professional Football League (League F) and the Queen’s Cup matches. In addition, the deal includes other commercial and advertising assets. Social Energy will also become a collaborator and partner of Forever Green, Real Betis’ sustainability platform.

Juan Luis Cabeza, CEO of Social Energy, highlighted the “exciting sponsorship” that his company has signed with the first green and white women’s team, “a milestone that unites the world of sport and sustainable energy.”

“Real Betis Féminas, with their dedication and passion for football, reflects values ​​that align perfectly with our vision at Social Energy. We have come together with a common goal: to build a brighter and more sustainable future. This sponsorship is not just a sports association, also a bold statement: prepare for change. Just as the players strive on the field, we fight for a world where clean and sustainable energy is an everyday reality. And this is a pivotal moment. We will chart a path that inspire generations to come to rise higher, be bolder and live with passion. Energy is at the center of everything. As an Official Sponsor, we are committed to supporting the growth of the team and being an active part of its success,” he said.

For his part, Ramón Alarcón, CEO of Real Betis, welcomed the signing of a truly important agreement with a company with which “we share values” and that has decided to decisively bet on its first women’s team.

“We have already seen in this last World Cup the great interest that the women’s soccer team has aroused and the great sporting moment in which we find ourselves in our country. Real Betis has contributed to the training of some of the world champions, such as Rocío Gálvez and, above all, Irene Guerrero. We feel part of this growth and, in this sense, it is essential that the business sector bets on our female team so that we can continue taking steps forward hand in hand with great brands. We are proud that a company with which we share values, including sustainability and respect for the environment, associates with us and does so especially with our first women’s soccer team,” explained the executive director of the entity.

About Social Energy.

Leading company in sustainable energy solutions committed to transforming the way the world consumes and uses energy. Social Energy’s vision is to lead the transformation towards a society driven by clean and sustainable energy, and become a benchmark in the renewable energy sector, providing innovative and accessible solutions that promote an environmentally friendly future. Its goal focuses on achieving a community where every home and business benefits from solar energy, thus reducing the carbon footprint and preserving the planet for future generations. The company is based on a series of fundamental pillars: sustainability, innovation, transparency, environmental commitment, excellence and social impact.

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