The basic shopping basket, with products discounted with the reduction in VAT, has become more expensive by 3.53% in May compared to January prices, according to an analysis by the Association of Financial Users (Asufin).

Specifically, olive oil experienced a rise of more than 15%, followed by potatoes, with almost 8%, and round rice, with 7.69%, while flour was on the opposite side, with an average decrease of 24%, caused by the introduction of the private label by several large stores.

According to the analysis carried out by Asufin, Carrefour has reduced the price of flour by more than half, from 1.55 euros to 70 cents; El Corte Inglés has reduced it from 1.44 euros to 72 cents, while Alcampo applies a 17% discount, from 1.10 euros to 91 cents.

El Corte Inglés has also introduced a private label in pasta, with drops in noodles and macaroni of 34% and 46%.

On the contrary, the withdrawal of the private label in the case of round rice has caused a price increase of 38% in the case of Carrefour, from 1.3 euros to 1.8 euros.

In this way, El Corte Inglés registered the greatest drop in the average purchase ticket, 6.27%, of the five chains analyzed, followed by Mercadona, which lowered its prices by 1.35%. The rest of the supermarket chains make the basket more expensive by 7%, in the case of Dia; 1.95% in Carrefour, and 1.26% in Alcampo.

Asufin has pointed out that supermarkets are using the private label to compete on the prices of the basic shopping basket.

Despite the fact that prices are 9.39% cheaper in relation to December, compared to January, and after discounting the promotional effect after the Christmas campaign, the increase in the average ticket for the basic shopping basket continues rising, according to the association.