“You can turn off the tap of a hotel or any meter” that passes the limit


The Minister of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of the Generalitat, David Mascort, has proposed that users pay “exactly” for the water they consume, for which the Ministry has proposed modifying the fee in the law on accompanying measures for the Catalan Budgets 2024.

“That you pay exactly for what you consume. This does not happen now because there is a minimum that you pay regardless of what you consume,” he stated in an interview with the newspaper ‘Ara’ collected by Europa Press this Saturday.

This would encourage people to consume less and, at the same time, “whoever passes in the fourth section would pay more, which is a very high volume of water that has to be penalized.”

He added that this modification depends on the approval of the public accounts of the Generalitat: “If there is no Budget, we cannot modify the law.”

Mascort has warned that for users who exceed the consumption limits there is a maximum fine of 3,000 euros, and has also warned that the Government is proposing other actions; For example, “you can turn off the tap of a hotel or any meter that exceeds the limits.”

He has also assured that the money collected from the fines will be used for investments in the Catalan Water Agency (ACA), especially in supply and sanitation tasks.

Regarding when he plans to stop depending on the rains, he has pointed to the 2027-2030 horizon: “We will be producing as much resource as the metropolitan region consumes today. Between the expansion of the Tordera and Foix desalination plants we will double the water capacity. And We will also greatly increase the regenerated water.”

He has also assured that “with the horizon 2027-2030, the metropolitan region of Barcelona will not need resources from anywhere else”, thus rejecting connecting the Ebro network with the Barcelona network.