The Court of Instruction number 28 of Madrid has issued the order to open an oral trial against the four members of the Atlético Front accused of hanging an inflatable doll with the shirt of Real Madrid footballer Vinícius Junior on a nearby bridge in the early hours of January 26 to the sports city of the Madrid club, legal sources have confirmed to Europa Press.

The resolution means that the accused will sit in the dock in the coming months. It remains to be determined whether they will be tried in a Criminal Court or in the Provincial Court of Madrid, which will depend on the penalties requested. The defendants will be notified of this order on January 11 in the court itself.

The Madrid Prosecutor’s Office requests four years in prison for those prosecuted for a crime of threats and another against fundamental rights and public freedoms, while demanding joint compensation of 6,000 euros as civil liability for the moral damages caused to the footballer.

The indictment states that in the early hours of January 25 to 26, 2023, the four members of the Atlético Front, “positions by common agreement” and coinciding with the celebration of the Copa del Rey match that was going to be played hours later at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid, they went to the bridge with exit number 5 on the M-11 highway, towards Valdebebas, at the confluence with Avenida de Alejandro de la Sota, in Madrid.

This bridge is located in the vicinity of the Real Madrid sports city, “a place that also has wide visibility for all users of that road.”

Once there, the four defendants, “as an unequivocal sign of contempt and rejection of the victim’s skin color and motivated by a desire to undermine her feeling of tranquility,” proceeded to hang with a rope an inflatable doll-type mannequin of about 165 centimeters tall with black skin and hair color.

The doll was wearing a Real Madrid soccer team shirt, with the name of the player Vinícius on the back and with his number, and some stones as weights tied with insulating tape on what would represent his ankles.

Likewise, they hung a red fabric banner on the aforementioned bridge, with letters painted in white with the motto ‘Madrid hates Real’, measuring 12.90 meters in length and 1.70 m. Wide. Shortly after, A. B. R., “as a vindication and justification of the action,” published moments later through the account he managed on the social network X (formerly Twitter), a first photograph of the bridge where the banner and the hanging doll appeared.

The message went viral due to the publicity achieved on social networks “and the traditional media came to echo the news, thus increasing the injury to the protected legal good consisting of the dignity of the person, in this case both of the victim Vinícius , as well as the group it represents”.

In the same way, he published a second photograph where the inflatable doll appeared at the time of preparations, with the player Vinícius’s shirt leaning next to a wall, incorporating him into the hastag

By order dated May 24, 2023 issued by the Investigative Court number 26 of Madrid, it was agreed with respect to the 4 defendants that they were prohibited from approaching within 1,000 meters of the player Vinícius and any place where he is located.

In addition, they were prohibited from communicating with him by any means, and were prohibited from approaching within 1,000 meters of his workplace, located in the Valdebebas Sports City.

Likewise, they were prohibited from approaching less than 100 meters from the Santiago Bernabéu and Civitas Metropolitano stadiums, during the celebration of the soccer matches that are played according to the calendar of the Professional Soccer League, during the 4 hours before and after the celebration. of sporting events and the prohibition of approaching within 1,000 meters of all League stadiums.