The Los Arcos shopping center has welcomed the ‘La Fábrica de Chocolate’ tour, designed and organized by Castellana Properties, the firm that owns the center, in line with its objective of offering customers “unique experiences to share with the whole family “. This show will feature the largest chocolate exhibition ever seen before and set in the Willy Wonka universe, as well as chocolate workshops for the little ones and live shows inspired, all of them, by the characters of this sweet universe.

Throughout the event, visitors will be able to enjoy three weeks of a large exhibition of 100 square meters with more than 4,500 kilos of chocolate, 260 kilos of honey and 60 kilos of nuts custom-made for the Los Arcos shopping center by Álvaro Romero, master chocolatier at Choco-Expo.

The exhibition, which will recycle all the chocolate for future works, will feature different elements from Wonka’s world, such as a town made up of fanciful buildings, giant lollipops and an authentic river of honey and nuts. The exhibition will also include an authentic Chocolate Factory, with genuine chimneys that will project smoke.

For the little ones, Los Arcos has launched children’s workshops in which children, wearing an apron and hat like master chocolatiers, can learn to work with chocolate and decorate figures that they will then take home. The workshops will be divided into 45-minute shifts per session and attendees must reserve their place through the shopping center’s mobile application.

As for the shows, there will be four different sessions led by Burke Grupo, in which the characters from ‘The Chocolate Factory’ will come to life. Also, children and adults will be able to enjoy two parades: ‘The Amazing Visit to The Chocolate Factory’ and ‘The Escape of the Candy Eaters’. In addition, there will also be two static shows ‘The Secrets of the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘The Fate of the Chocolate Factory’, two stories based on the characters from the famous film.

Likewise, those attending the shows will be able to discover the five golden tickets, ‘Golden tickets’, hidden in the lollipops that will be distributed after the first parade. The five winners will take home a batch of sweets, as well as a variety of chocolates to remember and savor the experience of ‘The Chocolate Factory’.

The Chocolate Factory will be operating in Los Arcos until next February 24, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., so that the curious and those with a sweet tooth can access it. Likewise, the parades will start next Thursday the 22nd and will run through the venue until Saturday the 24th.

‘The Chocolate Factory’, which arrives for the first time in Seville from the Los Arcos shopping center, is “a unique and differentiated event that offers fun to enjoy with the family”, as explained by the manager of the venue, Ernesto Pardo.

Los Arcos is managed by Cushman