The plenary session will have as a backdrop the negotiations of PSOE and Junts for the investiture of Sánchez


The Parliament will vote this Thursday whether to approve a motion from the CUP that requests that a joint drafting committee be established to prepare a bill for the self-determination referendum “as a prior step to doing so before the end of the legislature.”

The plenary session will begin at 3:00 p.m. this Tuesday with two questions to councilors and the monographic debate on security, requested by the PSC-Units, and will last until Thursday with the debate and vote to validate or repeal the Decree Law on extraordinary measures of a social nature approved by the Government on October 17, and which the Government justifies by the “long residential waiting list”.

The initiative to prepare a referendum bill expresses the need to address the United Nations and the European institutions to “demand a democratic resolution of the conflict based on self-determination and amnesty.”

The CUP will take its proposal to the chamber in the midst of negotiations between PSOE and Junts for the investiture of the acting president of the Government and candidate for re-election, Pedro Sánchez, and after the agreement of the socialists with ERC on the amnesty law.

In this sense, the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, warned on Thursday after learning of the pact that “the amnesty was not enough” and urged progress towards the self-determination of Catalonia once the amnesty law was achieved.

Aragonès announced after receiving the report from the group of experts to address a Clarity Agreement that would be convened by the Catalan party table once the investiture debate in the Spanish Government had passed to convey to them his proposal to hold an independence referendum.

In relation to the agreement with the PSOE, Esquerra has withdrawn two motions that it had presented to debate and vote in plenary on the Rodalies service and on the fiscal deficit, after having agreed with the socialists on the “comprehensive” transfer of the transport service and the forgiveness of up to 15,000 million euros of debt from the Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FLA) to Catalonia.

The plenary session will begin on Tuesday afternoon with two interpellations and the second of the three monographic plenary sessions scheduled for the coming weeks: it is the monograph on security, at the proposal of the PSC-Units, to debate “the objective and subjective increase in unsafety”.

The initiative sets the objectives of the debate to understand the evolution of public security in Catalonia, identify legislative modifications that contribute to reducing crime, and implement mechanisms to support police action, among other issues.

The groups will debate and vote on their proposed resolutions in the plenary session on Thursday afternoon.

The plenary session will resume on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. with the control session for Aragonès and the councillors.

Once the control session is over, the Board will read in the chamber a statement from the Board of Spokespersons for the freedom of Julian Assange.

During this week’s plenary session, the Parliament will also debate and vote on the draft budgets for 2024 of the Parliament, the Council of Statutory Guarantees, the Audit Office and the Ombudsman, and will begin the debate of the entirety of the Bill on the local grievance unions proposed by PSC-Units, ERC, Junts, CUP and communes.

Motions on universal basic income, the public dentist service or infrastructure will also be debated and voted on.