The PP has registered a non-legal proposal in Congress to ask the Government that companies providing services in the Cloud or ‘Cloud’ be recognized as electro-intensive consumers and that data centers or ‘Data Centers’ have a CNAE code own.

In the opinion of the ‘popular’, ‘Data Centers’, which are large-scale data centers managed and operated by a ‘Cloud’ service provider, have become one of the “most dynamic and thriving” sectors of the currently, with a “strategic” role in the digitalization of companies.

If we add to this, says the PP, that the new digital economy is based on large data sets or ‘Big Data’, it is necessary to “define the model that Spain needs to optimize resources and provide the necessary services.”

“It is necessary to promote a Data Center industry in Spain, since they are the infrastructures that, together with communications, allow the development of disruptive technologies as an engine of growth in our country,” adds the Popular Group in its initiative, collected by Europe Press.

With this panorama, the PP urges the creation of a ‘Cloud’ industry in Spain, so that companies providing Cloud services are included within the category of electro-intensive consumers and that there is its own CNAE for health centers. data. Electro-intensive consumers are those who need a high consumption of electricity to carry out their activity. For this reason, the Government deploys a series of measures and specific aid to this industry.

It also proposes promoting the use of ‘Cloud’ systems in companies, creating an innovation ecosystem and the necessary fiscal measures to promote the development of Cloud applications and Data Centers. Finally, they advocate providing the public and private sectors with the necessary technology for safe digitalization through data cybersecurity and identity management.