The price of second-hand housing in Spain rose 5% in May compared to the same month last year, up to 1,852 euros per square meter, according to data from the real estate portal, which show that in the rate The monthly increase compared to the month of April was 0.3%.

In the report, the portal highlights that in the month of May, all the provinces of Spain, except 11, registered increases in prices compared to April. The list is headed by the Balearic Islands, with an increase of 1%, followed by Navarra with 0.9%, Lleida with 0.8%, Teruel with 0.8% and Alicante with 0.7%. In which the price fell the most were Zamora (-1%), Cáceres (-0.9%), Segovia (-0.7%), Badajoz (-0.6%) and Lugo (-0.4%) .

Regarding the prices per square meter of the provinces, the Balearic Islands registered the highest in May with 3,666 euros, followed by Barcelona (3,237 euros), Guipúzcoa (3,202), Madrid (3,175) and Vizcaya (3,149). On the other side were Ciudad Real, where the price per square meter was 1,138 euros, followed by Palencia (1,170), León (1,182), Badajoz (1,260) and Ourense (1,280).

Compared to May 2022, the provinces where there was the greatest increase were Alicante, with an increase of 8.73%, followed by Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with 7.5%, the Balearic Islands with 7.18%, and Las Palmas. , with 6.04%. On the contrary, prices fell in Zamora (-2.57%), in Jaén (-1.27%), in Teruel (-1.10%) and in Cuenca (-1.04%).

By province capitals, the ones that rose the most in price compared to the month of April were Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1%), Badajoz (0.8%), Palma de Mallorca (0.8%), Valencia (0.7% ) and Oviedo (0.5%). While in those that fell the most prices in May were Lugo (-0.2%), León (-0.2%), Ávila (-0.1%), Huelva (-0.1%) and Zaragoza ( -0.1%).

The most expensive cities were Madrid, where the price per square meter for used housing stood at 3,984 euros, followed by Barcelona, ​​with 3,832 euros, Bilbao with 3,373 euros, and Palma de Mallorca, with 3,105 euros. The cheapest province capitals in the month of May were Lugo (1,067 euros), Murcia (1,119), Ávila (1,137) and Castellón de la Plana (1,164).

As for the districts of the capital of Madrid, Salamanca, Chamartín, Chamberí and Retiro are the ones that registered the highest average price per square meter (5,603 euros) and in the Ciudad Condal, Eixample, Les Corts, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and Ciutat Vella, with an average price of 5,556 euros.

Hogaria expects that by the second half of the year these increases will moderate, since, he warns, investors, who are currently driving demand, will stop doing so due to the entry into force of the new housing law, which which will mean that rental income is no longer updated with the CPI, thus limiting its profitability.