The PSOE is considering registering the proposed Amnesty Law in Congress in the coming days, together with Sumar, ERC, Junts, EH Bildu, PNV and BNG, with the idea that Pedro Sánchez can subsequently be invested next week, they reported in socialist sources.

This Saturday, during his speech before the Federal Committee, Sánchez openly defended for the first time the amnesty for those accused of the Catalan sovereignty process, and this Monday the Secretary of Organization of the Socialists, Santos Cerdán, met in Brussels with the former Catalan president and leader of Junts, Carles Puigdemont.

A meeting in which it was confirmed that the negotiations are progressing “in the right direction” with Junts, as reaffirmed this Tuesday by sources from the PSOE leadership, who emphasize that their plans involve the investiture being held next week and which, furthermore, be done in a first round, without the need for a second vote 48 hours later.

According to these sources, “any day is good” starting on Sunday, which is when the PSOE will close the consultation with the bases on the Government pact with Sumar and the necessary pacts with other parties such as Junts and ERC for the investiture. Sánchez sent a letter to the militants this Monday in which he asked to vote in favor in the consultation and defended the amnesty as “the correct path.”

In any case, the PSOE wanted to make it clear that the date of the consultation does not limit the announcement of the date of the investiture and, in fact, they trust that it can be known this week.

Formally, the decision corresponds to the president of Congress, also a socialist Francina Armengol, and it is not ruled out that it will be made public this Friday, when meetings of the Congress Board and the Board of Spokespersons are scheduled. “It’s a matter of days,” say sources from the Presidency of Congress.

Of course, on Tuesday, November 7, a Plenary Session is planned in the Senate and the Kings of Spain will be on an official trip to Denmark between Monday the 6th and Wednesday the 8th in the afternoon.

This calendar leads to the calculation that the investiture debate can take place on the 8th and 9th, so that on the 9th, which is a holiday in the city of Madrid, the president of the Congress can go to the Zarzuela Palace to inform the Chief of the State the result of the vote. And the socialists are confident that they will not have to go to a second round.