Two journalists were arrested last night allegedly accused of throwing objects at National Police agents during the protests, which left 15 arrested, registered next to the PSOE headquarters in Ferraz against the amnesty law agreed by the Government of Pedro Sánchez with the independentists, according to police sources.

The two journalists from ‘El Mundo’ and ‘El Español’ were arrested in the early hours of this Thursday, according to the police report, when they were surprised by National Police officers throwing objects at the officers from a barricade on Juan Street. Álvarez de Mendizábal of Madrid.

According to police sources, the two editors tried to “outwit” the police action by hiding in a doorway on the aforementioned street, where they were detained along with a third person. The protest coincided with the first plenary session in Congress of the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez as President of the Government.

These two journalists were released “a few hours later,” after the corresponding police report was formalized, which will give rise to a procedure in which, according to the Police, “they will be able to exercise all their rights of defense and allege whatever they consider.”