Warns management that it will not be able to “attempt to negotiate a new ERTE without giving explanations and reaffirming its commitment to the workforce”


The UGT union at Ford Almussafes has warned that the situation at the Valencian factory “has changed from what was initially planned”, and has stressed that the factory staff is experiencing “a reality as unforeseen as it is undeserved”, a scenario that it attributes to the “doubts” about the company.

In a statement, the majority union has considered that “it is not necessary to speculate much” to be “certain that we are on the verge of a new surplus of personnel”, but in this sense it warns that the situation is “quite different from what it should be.”

Thus, it was pointed out that the factory “should be on the verge of negotiating a 4th ERE or, failing that, an umpteenth ERTE, at the same time that investments and modifications would have to be taking place in the production lines to launch a new vehicle electric in 2025”.

However, he has considered it “evident” that the situation “has changed from what was initially anticipated”, which is why he has warned Ford management that “he will not be able to attempt to negotiate a new ERTE without giving explanations and reaffirming his commitment to the UGT and the staff” of Almussafes, which is now experiencing “a reality, the result of Ford’s doubts, as unforeseen as it is undeserved.”

In this context, UGT has assured that the “paradigm change of the automobile in its transition to electric seems to have placed Ford in permanent doubt as to what strategy to follow to continue its business in Europe.”

Meanwhile, they have stressed, “time is ticking and the workload in the factory is decreasing, with no hint of a solution, except to continue thinning the workforce by proposing more layoffs.” However, he noted that this “will no longer be possible if Ford does not guarantee the future workload.”

In this regard, the majority union has reported that next Friday, October 27, the newly appointed global director of Ford manufacturing, Kumar Galhotra, and the director of the Ford Pro division, Ted Cannis, together with the vice president of Ford, will visit the factory. Europe, Kieran Cahill, with whom UGT will hold a meeting.

Before that meeting, UGT indicated that for “more than 20 years, although we have also experienced difficult times, Ford’s agreements with UGT have always been fulfilled,” so they hope “that this time the agreement will also end up being fulfilled.” Agreement for Electrification”.

Finally, they have insisted that Ford’s “inaction” as a “consequence of its indecision” cannot be “perpetuated over time”, since it is “essential to make decisions and react as soon as possible so as not to miss the train of the future of the new mobility”. “In Almussafes we have demonstrated on many occasions that we are capable of taking on any challenge, but decisions must be made now, otherwise we will face the paradox of Buridan’s donkey,” they concluded.

In recent weeks, due to reduced sales, the Almussafes factory is applying industrial days to stop production.

Last year it was announced that the Almussafes factory was chosen by Ford to produce its new electric vehicle platform starting in 2025, a decision that ensured the workload in the coming years, but did not prevent it from having to resize the factory. workforce with an ERE that has affected 1,124 workers.

The Ministry of Industry has approved Ford’s request for the battery line of the second call of the Perte VEC, with 37.6 million euros, and the company has also requested aid directed at the electric vehicle value chain.