The state co-spokesman for Podemos, Javier Sánchez Serna, has reaffirmed that his formation will support an investigation commission on the ‘Mediator’ case if the PSOE requests it voluntarily, since it is a “serious” case of corruption that worries them.

However, the president of the confederal group and leader of En Comú Podem, Jaume Asens, has downplayed the need for this initiative and believes that the commission on the Kitchen case must be reactivated, as it is a plot that does affect the pillars of the democracy.

The two leaders of the confederal group have spoken in these terms during a press conference in the Lower House this Tuesday, to questions about their position in the face of a possible parliamentary investigation into this corruption case.

In this way, Sánchez Serna has stressed that the ‘Mediator’ plot worries them, but they will support a commission in Congress if promoted by the PSOE, for which reason he rules out supporting the PP’s request.

Meanwhile, Asens has argued that if an investigation commission is created for each case of corruption of PSOE and PP, they would be in the chamber all day in these tasks.

During his appearance, he pointed out that “they cannot spend all day doing investigative commissions” by pointing out that the PP has close to 300 plots that dot it, to also agree with the PP that the ‘Mediator’ case is a “shabby” case “of corruption.

However, he has opined that it is a priority to reactivate the commission on the ‘Kitchen’ plot in light of the latest revelations and address what is known as ‘Operation Catalonia’, given that in this case a “dirty war” of the sewers is appreciated against political rivals and it is a plot that reaches “huge dimensions”.