‘Drugs’ against drought, 3D printed food, a racing car, new anti-drug tests, educational robots, a revolutionary electrocardiogram, buildings and bridges that do not fall and even rockets, drones and a Pac Man machine.

These are some of the innovations that can be seen and touched at the UPV 2023 Fira dels Inventos, which will be held next Saturday, June 10, in Shed 2 of La Marina de València.

In addition, there will also be different scientific dissemination workshops for all audiences, in which you can control small robots or build a bridge, manipulate light or discover the scientific laboratory that is hidden behind a mobile.

The fair will open its doors at eleven in the morning and close at eight in the evening. Access is free and registration is not required for any of the activities, details the academic institution in a statement.

This new edition of the fair is part of the university-city binomial promoted jointly by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the City Council of Valencia to work together on the Valencia 2030 Climate Mission.

“This alliance has a key objective: to walk together towards decarbonization. And at this Fair you can see some of the latest results of the research developed by the UPV to achieve this goal, and its contribution to address the challenges of the urban agenda and the 2030 sustainable development goals”, highlights the director of Las Naves, Marta Chillarón.

In addition, it also presents projects developed jointly by the UPV-Las Naves pairing, such as Dones de ciència, which makes prominent women in the scientific field visible with spectacular murals in educational centers or initiatives such as Col·lab, a triple-impact public accelerator that promotes the development of emerging social and urban innovation companies.

In total, there will be 30 stands for the results of the work of UPV research staff, students and graduates of this university and five scientific dissemination workshops, to which another will be added in which anyone who participates will be able to respond, to through short stories, drawings, etc. to the question: What is science for you? Anyone who participates in all the outreach workshops will also take home a souvenir with the UPV stamp.

“The UPV Inventions Fair is the ideal opportunity to learn about the work of the research staff, students and graduates of our university and to enjoy the different scientific dissemination workshops that we have prepared for the occasion. We want all the people who come to La Marina de València to discover, learn, enjoy and live science hand in hand with the Polytechnic University of Valencia”, underlines José Francisco Monserrat, vice-rector for Internationalization and Communication at the UPV.

The celebration of this Fair of Inventions is also part of the annual program of scientific dissemination of the UPV and has the support of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.