UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said that British foreign policy must establish itself strongly on the world stage to meet the challenges.

“Our adversaries and competitors plan for the long term. Faced with these challenges, short-termism or illusions will not be enough,” warns the British head of government, according to the speech that he will argue before business leaders and diplomats in London this Monday in what will be his first speech on foreign policy since he came to power.

“So we will take an evolutionary leap in our approach. This means being stronger in defense of our values ​​and the openness on which our prosperity depends,” Sunak explained during the eve of the speech, as reported by ‘The Guardian’ newspaper. ‘

In this sense, the ‘premier’ has indicated that he will base his years at the head of the Treasury to maintain that the country’s strength abroad must be backed by a strong economy from London.

Thus, Sunak has opted for a “solid pragmatism” against a policy of “great rhetoric”. “It means building a stronger economy at home, because it is the foundation of our strength abroad. And it means facing up to our competitors, not with great rhetoric but with solid pragmatism,” said the president.

With this long-term pragmatic policy, it seeks to compete with Russia and China, while seeking to deepen partnerships with other parts of the world such as the Indo-Pacific region.