88% of over-indebted Spaniards have to face more than one debt, according to a report prepared by the financial company Bravo (previously called Resolve your debt), and published this Tuesday.

Specifically, personal loans are the most common type of debt, covering 78% of the over-indebted. Credit cards follow, with 62%, while mortgages are limited to 20%.

The majority profile is that of a man between 40 and 54 years old, with vocational training studies, full-time work and an average monthly income of about 1,500 euros. Likewise, 70% of the over-indebted have debts worth around 20,000 euros.

Respondents attribute their excessive debt situation to exceptional circumstances such as job loss or reduction in income (29%), or family or personal emergencies (33%).

“Far from being a problem exclusive to certain groups, many people can be forced into this situation due to exceptional circumstances that are more common than we think,” says Bravo’s Spain manager, Sandra Sabaté.