The former vice president of the Government and historical leader of the PSOE Alfonso Guerra has criticized the “tendency towards evident Caesarism” in the PSOE since the general secretary is the one who chooses the people who make up the party leadership or those who make up the lists for the congresses.

This was indicated in an interview published this Sunday by ‘The Objective’, collected by Europa Press, in which he described the party’s primaries as “a hoax”, all of this when the PSOE has recently expelled the party’s former general secretary. in Euskadi Nicolás Redondo under the accusation of “repeated contempt” for the acronym after his statements against the possibility that the general secretary of the PSOE and acting president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, could reach an agreement with Junts to govern in exchange for an amnesty law.

“It seems logical to think that if each member casts a ballot, they are elected as democratically as possible. But listen, the person who is elected in primaries is the only one appointed by that method, while in the leadership of the party that is named later, where there will be 30 or 40 people, none of them are elected like this, but rather the person elected in primaries chooses them,” he lamented.

“The tendency towards Caesarism is evident,” he stated, warning that “when you elect the leader by that procedure, he can do whatever he wants and that is not democratic.” “It reaches such a point that the parties, when they elect their representatives for a congress, do not actually elect them: the leader makes the list,” he added.

In this sense, he considers that a “tremendous democratic quality” has been lost in the PSOE and that “today there is no debate in the political parties.” “The debate is in the newspapers because the party headquarters are practically closed. And when there is no debate it cannot be that we got the smartest in each match, the super man. When there is no debate, the quality drops. And Furthermore, it is not very democratic,” he insisted.

Guerra has also defended the “right to give an opinion” of PSOE members and has criticized the fact that “in order to try to silence him” they say that “his time has passed.” “I know that my time has passed, but that of Spain has not, that is why I have the obligation to say what I believe when it comes to important things,” he added in this regard.

Asked whether Sánchez would be the “worst” president of democracy, the former socialist leader preferred “not to go into details” and stressed that there have been “two truly important presidents, Adolfo Suárez and Felipe González.” However, he has specified that he voted for Sánchez in the last elections on July 23 because he “will never” be able to vote “for anything other than the PSOE.”

In relation to Redondo’s expulsion, he has stated that he cannot understand it. “In democracy the crime of opinion does not exist,” he stated.

Likewise, he has supported the demonstration “with words, rallies or documents” against the possible amnesty law and has questioned the intention to amnesty “for those who are saying they are going to do it again.”

Guerra has also defended “the right to express his opinion and demonstrate” of the former president of the Government José María Aznar, although he has stressed that the ‘popular’ is not “very legitimized” to call for a mobilization when he was “a divisive president for society.” Spanish”. Furthermore, he has assured that in his opinion it has not been “very prudent” on the part of the Government to brand Aznar as a coup plotter.

The historic socialist leader, who has spoiled the meeting of the second vice president of the acting Government and leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, with the “outlaw” Carles Puigdemont, has warned that after the amnesty the transfers to the independence parties would continue. Given this, he has stressed that PP and PSOE, “who are dedicated to whitewashing the extremes”, could agree and “reduce the weight that nationalism has in national politics.”

On the other hand, he has said about the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, that he was “wrong” in the electoral strategy. “In Murcia he has waited to form a government with Vox after the elections. And why not the others? From the electoral point of view, from what interested him, it was better for him to wait. And there came a time when the Valencian acted quickly while the Extremaduran said no way, “he lamented.

Thus, he has questioned “who rules in the PP.” “Someone has to be in charge. In the PP, expectations were created that Feijóo was more serious than the previous one, and now things are a bit ‘flat'”, he added.

Finally, Guerra has pointed to a “loss of freedom” as the left has become more “puritanical.” In this context, he has censored the scandal over sexist messages in a university chat in La Rioja or the “exaggeration” in the case of the kiss without consent of the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, to the player Jenni Hermoso in the World Cup final.

Regarding this last case, he specified that the problem was appointing Rubiales to that position since he was “a thug.” “The problem with Rubiales is not dismissing him, the problem is having appointed him. Because he was a thug from day one, not now because he kissed a young woman, which seems fatal to me. But if he had given the coach a kiss there would have been no scandal, many would have even applauded,” he said.

Likewise, he has indicated that what he did in the box “was more serious than the kiss.” “And no one takes care of that. If he had only done the thing in the box and not done the kiss thing, no one would have brought him to justice. Which indicates that we are looking through very narrow glasses,” he concluded.