JUCIL, a professional association of the Civil Guard, has warned that an amnesty “to say what a crime is” would place the country “before a dictatorial coup d’état”, since the Government would “impose itself” on the other two powers, the legislative and judicial, and “this breaks with the democratic and lawful State.”

“This would be unacceptable in a rule of law, but very common in dictatorships,” argues JUCIL in a statement released from its profile on the social network PP, Ana Vázquez, who has ‘retweeted’ the message.

JUCIL begins by pointing out that it defends the Constitution, which is “the norm that gives meaning to Spain as a democratic State”, and then links to a text about the “possible amnesty for Catalan criminals”, in reference to the former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont and the rest of the leaders and prosecuted by the ‘procés’.

“This professional association believes in the separation of powers that establishes that Parliament makes the laws, the Government executes them and the courts ensure that they are complied with,” argues JUCIL, adding that the Government “is authorized to forgive crimes to confessed criminals.” and convicted, but does not have the authority to decide what is or is not a crime”, the latter being a task of Parliament.

“If the Government authorizes itself to decide what is a crime, we would actually be facing a dictatorial coup d’état, in which one power is imposed over the other two. This breaks with the democratic and lawful State,” denounces this representative association in the Civil Guard Council.

The JUCIL text continues to point out that an amnesty, as demanded by the pro-independence parties to support the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez as President of the Government, “means that both the orders given by those responsible at the time and the suffering of the civil guards who watched over and were hurt so that they were fulfilled were illegitimate”.

“And this would be unacceptable in a rule of law, but very common in dictatorships,” concludes the statement released by JUCIL on social networks.