The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, asked the PSOE Government this Saturday if it knew that the CNI was spying on it when it was vice president: “If they knew it is even worse.”

“Espionage of this magnitude has to have some kind of political validity, and if they knew it it is even worse. Therefore, they are the ones who have to explain,” he declared when visiting Calonge i Sant Antoni (Girona) together with the new vice-minister of Strategy and Communication of the Generalitat, Sergi Sabrià.

But he has defended continuing dialogue with the PSOE: “We will not stop taking advantage of the opportunities. They would already want it, I believe, from the CNI.”

Aragonès has stated that “what the PSOE Government has to do is clarify itself once and for all and go to the end.”

“If they did not know that this espionage existed, I think it is serious because a government must be informed of what the secret services are doing,” he said.

But he added: “If they didn’t know, I think it’s even worse because they would be endorsing espionage on people simply because we defend some ideas.”