The European Commission has asked France for explanations for the protests by French farmers that include blocking the passage of trucks transporting Spanish products and does not see, in principle, signs of the unfair competition to which the French Prime Minister, Gabriel, has alluded. Attal.

Community sources have explained to Europa Press that from the point of view of competition, they do not see “any angle”, although they do not know what measures to confront the “unfair competition” from other countries Attal could be referring to and they point out that, if refers to the price difference, that is not “anti-competitive per se.”

Nor do they see a possible approach from the point of view of state aid, since they indicate that these rules exist, precisely to guarantee equal opportunities and avoid distortions in the Internal Market.

While waiting for the French Government to carry out these actions, the same sources have stated that the Commission sent a letter to the French authorities last Friday, January 26, in which they asked France for explanations about the disturbances caused at the border and They urged him to send a response “as soon as possible.”

In this letter, Brussels also recalled that Community rules stipulate that Member States must take measures to guarantee the free movement of goods when an obstacle appears.