Check here from 8:00 p.m., when the polling stations close, the result of the Catalan elections that were held this May 12 to elect the representatives of the Parliament of Catalonia.

The exit polls give the PSC the winner with 37-40 deputies, followed by Junts (with 33-36 seats) and ERC (24-27), in the case of a poll by Sigma Dos for 3Cat and for RTVE, reported by Europa Press. Meanwhile, another Sociometrica poll for El Español places Salvador Illa’s PSC between 39 and 41 seats. In second place would be Junts, with 21.6% and a range of 33 to 36 seats,

In this graph you can check the seats obtained by each political force that has participated in the elections, as well as use the ‘pact calculator’ to see the options that each party has of reaching the Generalitat.

Meanwhile, this other graph shows, minute by minute, the battle for each seat as the vote counting progresses.

Of all the voters, 5,460,332 reside in Catalonia. Specifically, 4,051,040 voters will be able to vote in Barcelona, ​​528,077 in Girona, 300,148 in Lleida and 581,067 in Tarragona. This other graph shows the most contested seats in each province.