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Madrid, May 20, 2024.-

The makeup, hair, dress, bouquet, venue…preparing for your wedding may mean that you think you don’t have time for the endless tasks you have to do. We are going to help you so that you enjoy the process as it deserves.

First of all, get an agenda in which to write down and plan your to-do list in a way that helps you unload all that mental load.

Accessories take on absolute prominence, resulting in the optimistic message of fashion. They must go in harmony and style with the bridal look.

Take time and care to choose them as they become very special jewels that will accompany you and you can wear them for a lifetime.

How to choose the bridal earring according to the physiognomy of your face and the length of your neck? Whatever your choice, remember to follow your intuition.

Oval Face: requires a medium length earring.

Square Face:  choose a long earring that refines the features and softens the features, curved lines and circular shapes are perfect.

Inverted Triangle: in this type of face the forehead is the widest area so we will seek to add volume with the earring at chin level.

Diamond type face: they favor earrings of medium length and medium size with a certain volume at the bottom to balance the face and jaw area.

Triangular Face: climbing earrings are perfect here because they add volume to the upper part, balancing the features.

Round Face: we need an earring that stylizes the face. We recommend long earrings with angular designs to mark and stylize your features.

what kind of girlfriend are you?

Victorian, Imperial, Romantic, Sophisticated…

The Medieval bride is the most viral this season. The inspiration of this era focuses on airy fabrics, layers and special sleeves. Don’t miss the ‘layering’ phenomenon, layers that overlap others and allow you to create various looks throughout the ceremony.

In jewelry we move to the 15th century with Burgundy fashion and late Gothic reaching the Victorian era.

The Chandelier earrings, with notes of color to match the bridal bouquet and a touch on the shoes for the most daring.

The Romantic bride is the most feminine and falls for earrings with brilliant paves and stones cut in the shape of a drop.

The pearl is the precious gem of the bride, it symbolizes purity and sweetness. It will bring a wonderful light to your face. Pearls evoke nobility, prestige.

In classical times, ivy has always symbolized marriage and union. She is the Hippy bride with a Boho touch. Designer Marina García has created designs with a modern touch through climbers and ivy clips that will multiply the beauty of the bride’s face.

The Sophisticated bride proves to have a great personality and dares with asymmetry and maxi volumes as well as the Riviere choker that stylizes her face and slender neck.

Once you have chosen the earrings, you can combine them with a bracelet, a pendant as a final clasp and subtle detail in harmony with your look.

The Bridal Bracelet will enrich the entire style, providing elegance. By protocol it is shown on the hand that holds the bouquet or bouquet.

Fall in love with the effect that a pendant creates as a point of light on your neckline. It will stylize your neck, bringing luminosity to your face. The Ballerina pendant is the diamond that you will treasure and will last forever.

The Request:  As for the groom, the most differentiating touch of style is the watch.

Sober, modern or sporty, always elegant, choose the one that best defines you and personalize it with an inscription that evokes that important memory.

For the proposal, a ring with a diamond will be eternal. It represents the connection with the natural world. Choose a single stone or a minimalist style piece with several diamonds set on your finger, symbolizing the eternity of love between the two of you.

Alliances represent the bond and eternal love. Its circular shape symbolizes a new stage, endless moments. Choose yellow gold if you want a more romantic style and white gold, silver or platinum if you are looking for more contemporary designs.

As gifts for the guests, a small glass bottle with a bracelet inside engraved with an inscription will be the treasure that your best friends, their mothers, and that sister with whom you have so much complicity will keep as a souvenir.

Give your mother or grandmother a glass plate engraved in color with cheerful and floral tones and the inscription of a phrase in which you remind her of all the love and gratitude you profess to her.

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