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Rem Kamarian and Jachatur (Jack) Kamarian have led the development of a new technology for the manufacture of anti-vibration materials, which promises to improve the quality of life of people living near large transport infrastructure, such as train tracks, subways and trams. . This significant advance will reduce vibration and noise pollution in these areas, providing a quieter and healthier environment for their inhabitants.

Spain, May 17, 2024.- According to brothers Rem Kamarian and Jack Kamarian, this material is made from an innovative polymer that has the ability to absorb vibrations in a radius of up to 50 meters. This characteristic is essential for the Residential areas that are close to public transportation, where noise and vibration can be detrimental to quality of life. In addition, this polymer is extremely resistant to extreme temperatures, withstanding from -70°C to 60°C, which guarantees its effectiveness and durability in various climatic conditions. As for the implementation process, this is meticulous and specific for each project. In order to have excellent results, a prior study of the high vibration and noise area is carried out to carry out the construction of the building correctly. This analysis addresses several factors: the specific load in each area of ​​the building’s base and the vibration characteristics depending on the area and external factors.”In this way, we select the most appropriate material for each stage of the project, guaranteeing infallible protection against vibrations,” says Jachatur Kamarian. Once the study is completed, the material is placed on the base of the building, covered with concrete and construction proceeds. To ensure that each part of the building is adequately protected, a material color identification system is used, where each one represents a specific and optimal load, placing the materials without any error. In short, the innovation of Rem Kamarian and Jachatur Kamarian sets a new standard in urban construction and well-being, offering a versatile solution to improve quality of life in both urban and industrial environments.

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