Proclaims a stage of serene dialogue with the PSOE to address differences and that feminism is “much more” than a Ministry

The second vice president and acting Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has accused the PP of “violating” the Constitution when it was in Government, while she has responded to the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, that in a dictatorship they would not be sitting in the Congress, but “in jail.”

He has also defended that with the amnesty “democracy wins”, he has vindicated the coalition government and the alliances with multinational groups against the “hate minority” and has promised his commitment to dialogue to address differences with the PSOE in order to achieve fulfilling agreements with “serenity.”

Of course, they have made it clear that they have differences with the PSOE in fiscal matters, in housing and in proclaiming that they do not share the existence of ‘hot returns’ of migrants and demand to regularize half a million illegal immigrants.

On the other hand, Díaz has proclaimed that Sumar has feminism in its “DNA” for the 99%, which is “much more” than “public policies” or a “Ministry.” Precisely this morning, the head of Equality criticized both her and the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, for throwing them out of the Government and that the leader of the PP had an impact on this during the session.

During her intervention in the investiture debate of the socialist candidate, the leader of Sumar stated that the ‘populares’ were “experts in violating the constitutional mandate” when they governed, emphasizing that corruption cost the Spaniards “nothing more and nothing less than 60,000 million euros”.

“The fact that you talk to us about corruption is disturbing to say the least. You have violated the Spanish Constitution because you have shown us Spaniards that you only know one form of government called corruption,” said Díaz, who insisted that this form of government govern “if it breaks Spain.”

In this way, Díaz has responded to the accusation that the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has leveled against Sánchez, whom he has described as corrupt for offering an amnesty in exchange for his personal interest.

On the other hand, Díaz has responded to the president of Vox, who has accused Sánchez of preparing a coup d’état, that in a dictatorship “the opponents” would not be sitting in the Lower House, but would be “in jail.”

“In a democracy they have the right to be here,” recalled the leader of Sumar minutes after the Vox bench left the Chamber. Likewise, she has indicated that in a democracy the parties “receive public financing” and that Vox has received “ten million euros.”

“In a dictatorship, ladies and gentlemen, these things do not happen. Stop frivolizing what is happening in our country,” the acting Minister of Labor concluded.

Furthermore, he has warned that the country has a “serious problem with the right, which has changed and is now “rupturist”, “aggressive”, “war-mongering”, to emphasize that the PP is not going to give them lessons in democracy, much less about constitutionalism” nor are they afraid of the “fusses” of the “ultra-right” because they come from the tradition of Marcelino Camacho or Nicolás Sartoruis.

Then, he has criticized that the PP refuses to renew the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), to implement the body for political purposes, and that their cuts when they were in Government were an attack on the precepts of the Magna Carta, with devaluation of salaries, pensions and high unemployment rates, especially among youth.


Regarding Catalonia, the leader of Sumar has highlighted that her space has maintained coherence because they said no to both the unilateral declaration of independence and the application of article 155 of the Magna Carta to temporarily suspend the autonomy of Catalonia. “I said it myself on this platform: dialogue, dialogue and dialogue, which ultimately means politics, politics and politics,” she spoke to highlight that the amnesty provides a solution to the conflict.

In turn, he has defended that in the face of those who want to turn feminism into a “war of the sexes”, Sumar wants one for the 99% and that deploying permits for conciliation or raising the minimum wage is an example of that dynamic, criticizing that It is a “shame” that the PP signs autonomous pacts with those who “deny sexist violence and the climate emergency or social inequality.”


He has also thanked Sánchez for having accepted an important measure such as the reduction of working hours, but asks him more like implementing a tax reform, fighting in Europe to prevent the return of “austerity” that is a “noose around the neck” for people. , and move towards a new “social contract” that closes the distance between the social majorities and the “ultra-rich”

And he has also dedicated time to culture, within the framework of a negotiation where it is suggested that Sumar will obtain that portfolio, that they aspire to pass a law on cultural rights and measures so that culture is not inaccessible based on concerts that reach cost 200 euros.

At the same time, he has assured that the new territorial contract that modernizes the country and that goes through a legislature that corrects the fact that the Valencian Community is the worst financed and also improves that of Andalusia or Aragon, combined with measures that put an end to ‘fiscal dumping’. ‘ practiced by some autonomies, in implicit allusion to Madrid.

Finally, it has demanded to address new local financing given that the town councils cannot be the “poor brothers” of the administration and end the practices of the “old bipartism.”