Shortly before, Sánchez showed himself willing to go to the Senate but warned the PP leader: “If you want to take my wife, it will be your responsibility”


The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, accused this Wednesday the head of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, of not clarifying the professional activities of his wife, Begoña Gómez, after more than six hours of appearance in the Plenary Session of Congress. For this reason, he has announced that the Popular Group will summon Sánchez to the Senate, where the Popular Group has an absolute majority.

“The summary of what happened today could be that, once again, you have not given explanations about the very simple, specifically formulated questions that I have asked you, especially when you consider that I am asking questions about a State institution” Feijóo said ironically in his control question in the Plenary Session of Congress.

After denouncing that the head of the Executive has not answered in a plenary session the questions he has asked him about his wife, the president of the PP has told Sánchez that “he is going to have to answer them in the Senate.”

In the previous six-hour debate held in Congress, Sánchez stated that he has already given “clear explanations” about his partner. “I repeat it again, she is a first-class professional who has not done anything irregular or reprehensible. But that does not matter to you, it does not matter to you, you are not interested in the truth,” he said.

Thus, he has insisted that the PP “does not care” what “the National Court, or the Prosecutor’s Office, or the Conflict of Interest Office, or the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard has said” because the only thing What interests the PP is “the destruction of the political adversary” and “being able to win in newspapers and in courts what it could not win at the polls on July 23.”

After Feijóo has raised the possibility of summoning him in the Senate if he does not give explanations today, Sánchez has stressed that he has “no problem in responding” there and has asked him not to try to “threaten” to take him to the committee. investigation of the Upper House into the so-called ‘Koldo case’, given that he is “delighted” to appear. And immediately afterwards, he added: “If he wants to take my wife to appear in the Senate, it will be her responsibility, but she will go too, delighted.”

In response to these demonstrations, Feijóo has assured in his reply that he has not gone to Congress to “prejudge” nor will he “never” do so, recalling that he has been in this for “30 years.” Of course, he has told Sánchez that “he won’t be so sure when he has come to mix” in the same appearance the activities of his wife with various issues, such as Palestine, Gibraltar or Ukraine.

“Let me tell you that the one who has treated your wife as if she were already indicted is you. You put her under the spotlight of your adolescent drama, you, the one who behaves evasively and only speaks to the media, you are the one who has in his hand the explanations that he denies in the Cortes Generales,” he emphasized.

For this reason, he has asked to know if Sánchez has asked his wife “why she signed useless papers that could involve her in criminal proceedings” and if he knows that his wife is “under investigation in a court in Madrid”, stressing that this court in Madrid Madrid “a few moments ago just summoned six businessmen” as witnesses “in the case of corruption and influence peddling.” “I mean, this is still open, right, Mr. Sánchez?” he exclaimed.

Likewise, Sánchez has complained that neither PP nor Vox have responded to his request to “lower the tone”, not attack each other “on a personal level” and not incite confrontation” with “lies, defamations and hoaxes.” sum, to not contribute to this wave of polarization that Europe is experiencing,” he complained.

That said, he has accused Feijóo of carrying out an “intervention empty in content and full of insults.” “The one who came not to insult. The mud, in short. No proposal to improve the lives of citizens, no idea to strengthen the foreign policy of our Government,” he denounced.

In his rejoinder, Feijóo has stated that the Government “defamed” him in parliament and has not apologized, while emphasizing that Sánchez “will never be able to fight against the hoaxes” because his Presidency “is a big hoax.” What’s more, after being visibly upset with the intervention of the socialist Paxti López, he has admitted that it was a “mistake” to appoint him lehendakari with the votes of the PP.

On the other hand, the President of the Government has assured that it has been “gross” to see Feijóo and PP officials “get sad” because the socialist Salvador Illa has won the elections in Catalonia and that “the independence movement has not gained a parliamentary majority.” . “You prefer that Puigdemont governs Catalonia than that Illa governs it for the next four years. And I already tell you that it will be Salvador Illa who governs,” he proclaimed.

Likewise, Sánchez has warned the PP that the results of Vox in Catalonia, where it has maintained its 11 seats, “confirm the error of its strategy.” “Because in the end, copying the xenophobic discourse on migration and security, as you did during the electoral campaign in Catalonia, does not take away a vote from Vox, what it does is reinforce Vox’s position,” he stated, adding that the Santiago Abascal and Feijóos’ speeches on immigration are “perfectly interchangeable.”

Sánchez has also highlighted that the United Nations “has had to come out to reproach the so-called laws of concord” of PP and Vox, which, in his opinion, “are laws of discord, they are absolutely anti-memorialist laws” for “questioning human rights.” and international humanitarian law, equating victims with executioners, questioning the dignity of the democratic memory of the Spanish people. “I ask you to withdraw the anti-democratic memory laws and to stop accusing the United Nations of spreading hoaxes and misinformation,” Feijóo has demanded.

Furthermore, Feijóo has stressed to Sánchez that eight million people have voted for the PP in general elections and they deserve “respect”, adding that “never” have so many people voted for the current president of the Government.

“The good thing is that on June 9 the Spaniards will speak again. We are going to wait for everyone’s response. I am not going to get you out with sticks or blows. We could get this far. You got me through.” of pacts with the independentists, but nothing happens. I am a democrat,” he concluded.