The Army announces similar orders for several neighborhoods in the towns of Jabalia and Beit Lahia, in northern Gaza


The Israeli Army this Saturday urged residents of ten other sectors of the city of Rafah to immediately leave the place towards the west of the city and has issued additional orders for neighborhoods in the towns of Jabalia and Beit Lahia, in the north of the enclave, after detecting that the Palestinian militias are reconstituting themselves in the area.

The orders for Rafá affect sectors 6 to 9, 17, 25 to 27 and 31, in the southeast of the city and practically located at the border crossing with Egypt. These sectors broadly include the displaced persons camps of Rafah and Saboura and the neighborhoods of Geneina and Jirbat al Adas whose residents, urged by Israeli Army spokesman Colonel Avichay Adraee, should go to the Al Mawasi area, in the southwest. of the city, as has already happened in previous warnings.

The spokesperson has also ordered residents and displaced people from Jabalia and Beit Lahia to leave the area, specifically in the neighborhoods of Al Salam, Al Nour, Tal Al Zaatar, Ezbet Mlin, Al Rauda, ​​Al Nuzha, Al Jarn, Al Nahda and Al Zuhur, to immediately go “to the shelters in western Gaza City.”

In fact, as residents of northern Gaza have reported in recent hours, the Israeli Army has already launched several attacks in both towns. Gazan emergency services have confirmed that, throughout this past night, 31 more people have died (10 in Gaza City, 21 in Deir al Balah), due to Israeli attacks.

Back in the statement, the Israeli Army warns all those affected by the new orders for northern Gaza that they are in a dangerous combat zone because the Hamas militias “are trying to rebuild their capabilities in the region.”

“All those who are in those areas expose themselves and their families to danger,” warn the military, whose estimates put the number of Palestinians forcibly displaced at 300,000 since the beginning of this series of operations in Rafah.

These new warnings come after several sources close to the Israeli military campaign in Gaza confirmed to the American portal Axios the decision made on Thursday night by the war cabinet led by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, to continue with the raid on Rafá.

The city, on the southern edge of Gaza, is the last refuge for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians forcibly displaced from other parts of the enclave by Israeli bombing. The offensive on Rafá has caused a new exodus from a place where they had already been displaced in the first place, according to the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

Although the Israeli Army – which seeks with this operation, according to the military, to eliminate several Hamas battalions hidden in the area – claims that it warns the civilian population in advance of these attacks, United Nations officials consider what Israel calls “evacuation orders” as a forced displacement protocol, contrary to international law.