The Los Angeles Police have begun to dismantle the pro-Palestinian camp set up at the University of California (UCLA) this Thursday morning, a day after the violent incidents registered in the area after the emergence of counterprotesters who defended the policies of the Government of Israel .

The university, which has recommended avoiding the campus and has limited in-person activity until Friday, had declared the camp illegal, but hundreds of people have remained in the area. After several hours of apparent waiting, the agents have begun to dismantle the barricades erected to try to protect the stores, which has left scenes of confrontation.

UCLA has released a notice to announce the start of this police intervention and warn those still in the camp that they may be committing a crime. He has warned students that they risk “disciplinary measures”, including expulsion from the university.

Security forces have arrested several protesters, according to CNN and NBC News, which did not provide figures. In other similar contexts, such as the eviction of Columbia University in New York, this type of intervention has resulted in dozens of arrests.