Nedgia, the Naturgy Group’s natural gas distributor, has launched its first ‘reverse flow’ installation in the municipality of Capellades, Barcelona, ​​in order to inject all the biomethane produced by the Wagabox unit, technology developed by Waga Energy, located in the Can Mata controlled deposit, also located in the city of Barcelona.

This ‘reverse flow’ installation is “fundamental” to obtain the maximum potential in biomethane injection capacity by allowing renewable gas to be transported from the distribution network to the secondary transportation network, as reported this Thursday by Nedgia in a statement. .

On June 20, 2023, PreZero Spain, a company in the environmental sector specialized in the provision of urban services and the development of circular economy solutions, and Waga Energy, a specialist in the production of biomethane from landfill gas, launched An innovative biomethane production unit is underway in the Can Mata controlled deposit.

Thanks to Wagabox technology, developed and patented by Waga Energy, this installation valorizes the biogas emitted by waste deposited in landfills in the form of biomethane, a gas of renewable origin with qualities similar to those of fossil natural gas.

Can Mata’s Wagabox unit can produce up to 70 gigawatt hours (GWh) of biomethane per year, which is equivalent to saving carbon dioxide emissions from the consumption of about 14,000 local homes or 200 buses.

With an area of ​​78 hectares, “Can Mata is one of the largest controlled deposits in Spain,” stressed Nedgia, who adds that it is managed by PreZero Spain, which treats urban and industrial waste from Barcelona and its surroundings.

The CEO of Nedgia, Raúl Suárez, commented that the company, “as a leader in the operation of gas infrastructure in Spain, works to guarantee access to renewable gas to the greatest number of consumers through its networks.”

“Can Mata is an international reference in the production of biomethane from waste, which we have been operating for more than three decades,” said, on the other hand, the director of Industrial Business Treatment at PreZero Spain, Vanessa Capel Arnau.

Finally, the CEO of Waga Energy Spain, Baptiste Usquin, has stressed that this is a new stage in the development of biomethane in Spain, a pillar of the energy transition and a key energy source for the decarbonization of the Spanish economy.