Repealing the ‘Gag Law’, renewing the CGPJ and stopping the rise in basic foodstuffs are other measures they launch without being red lines

Podemos has marked this Saturday its requirements and proposals for the future investiture of the acting president, Pedro Sánchez, which includes the continuity of the head of Equality, Irene Montero, at the head of the department, the repeal of the ‘Gag’ Law , raise the minimum interprofessional salary to 1,500 euros and freeze all rental contracts during the legislature, among other initiatives.

This was stated by the general secretary of the purple party, Ione Belarra, in an event this Saturday together with Montero and several party officials, where she outlined five basic points that they demand for the next legislature, in order to guarantee the “mandate” of the progressive electorate after the 23J elections.

During the meeting, set to set the new training roadmap and due to the recent disagreements with Sumar, Belarra listed her objectives for the legislature, such as measures to lower the cost of living, expanding the reduction of public transportation and making it permanent, together with limiting the price of food through a cap on business margins.

At the same time, he has urged the completion of the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), which the PP has been blocking for four years, and the complete repeal of the Citizen Security Law, known by its detractors as the ‘Gag Law’. .

He then stressed that feminism must be the “engine of the legislature” and for this it is “essential” that Montero and his team continue to lead the Ministry of Equality and promote pending transformations and “recover the centrality of consent in the Penal Code.” , which the party saw undermined after the change in the law approved by PP and PSOE.

It has also requested to “guarantee the right to be of non-binary people”, act against obstetric violence, continue fighting against sexist violence and approve an anti-racist law.

“I think it would be Podemos’s best contribution to the next coalition government,” the party leader insisted to emphasize that the head of Equality is a reference for feminism and LGTBi groups, who has also stood up to the “sexist” reaction. in the face of the measures promoted.

In housing, one of the party’s flags, the acting head of Social Rights has demanded that rents be frozen to address the housing emergency, launch an index that replaces the CPI in updating contracts and approve a moratorium on accommodation tourist.

From the formation they emphasize that these approaches are not “red lines” for the investiture, but that it is important to express their demands, especially when they appreciate negotiation with the PSOE, which in their opinion is going slowly. In this sense, they indicate that contacts with Junts are important but not the only thing, given that the economic and social content of a governance agreement is essential.

Representatives of other political forces also attended the event, such as the leaders of IU Amanda Mayer and Carlos Sánchez Mato, the coordinator of Alianza Verde Juantxo López de Uralde and the ERC spokesperson in Congress, Gabriel Rufián, who was applauded by those in attendance. shouting ‘Yes we can’ like the co-founder of the party Juan Carlos Monedero.

The capacity of the Fernando de Rojas Theater, in the Círculo de Bellas Artes, with capacity for 500 people, has been overwhelmed by the influx of 1,000 people, including cadres and party supporters. Thus, half of the attendees followed the event in an adjacent room using screens and also on the street. Both ministers have addressed all of them to thank them for their support.


Belarra has conveyed to her co-religionists that one can be in the Executive understanding that it is also a “ground of combat” and that “firmness and strength” are needed to promote progressive priorities, given that there is a “very high risk” that the PSOE will consider that the next legislature is a “transitional one and not a coalition” given that now there is no left-wing majority although there is a plurinational one.

In this sense, he has praised the debates they had with the socialist wing as “blessed noise”, because they generated changes for the country despite the fact that the PSOE “blocked” them. And in this sense he has explained that “closed debates in closed offices” do not translate into policies in favor of citizens.

Therefore, he has reported that a “stable” and “brave” government is necessary to face the pending challenges. “If we do not govern with courage (…) Without responding to the deep crisis that still exists… although the right has not yet passed, it will end up passing,” he warned.


Meanwhile, Montero has highlighted that Podemos is a political force that “does not put itself in profile” and is willing to defend political transformations, especially in the face of the “cannons of political, media and judicial reaction” that fire against them.

What’s more, the head of Equality has defended that Podemos “has done everything but warm the chair” in the Executive and, consequently, is the guarantee of ambitious measures in the Executive.

“All sexual and reproductive rights must be guaranteed. More and more men do not want to be like Rubiales and are very comfortable with feminism being the driving force of equality,” he concluded.

Other Podemos leaders have also intervened, such as the state co-spokesperson, Isa Serra, to emphasize that they must be in the Government because only then will there be progress in the face of the “bipartisan system”, pointing out that the republic is the “only way to democracy.”

“We are going to claim not our chair but our place and we are going to demand a government worthy of our people,” added deputy Martina Velarde.