“The time to return has already arrived and it is this Sunday,” he exclaimed.


The Junts candidate for the Parliament elections, Carles Puigdemont, has called to fill the ballot boxes in this Sunday’s elections and to concentrate the independence vote in his candidacy to open a new stage in Catalonia: “Gentlemen of Madrid, prepare yourselves because we are coming “

“No matter how many managers you send us, no matter how many men in black you come and send us here, no matter how many civil governors you put in charge of our institutions, you will not be able to prevent us from returning. We will return, because we do not want to have to leave again,” he said. exclaimed this Friday at the final campaign rally in the old schools of Elna (France) before more than 3,500 people, who hailed him shouting ‘president’.

Despite admitting that they have not been diligent enough when seeking an independence union, he has defended that unity can be demonstrated at the polls by betting on the Junts ballot because, in his opinion, it is the only independence option that can win. the elections, and added: “The time to return has already arrived, and it is this Sunday.”

In addition to being convinced that they will win the elections on Sunday, the general secretary of Junts, Jordi Turull, has assured that they are heirs to many chapters in history, also from when the former president of the Generalitat Jordi Pujol went to prison, and has asked vote to make Puigdemont’s return to Catalonia possible, something that “will only happen once in a lifetime.”

“Everyone who does not vote for President Puigdemont is making it possible for Mr. Salvador Illa to be president, who will be a civil governor and we will pay dearly for a long time,” he warned shortly before the president of Junts, Laura BorrĂ s, claimed 1-O.