– CHANGING revolutionizes digital authentication with cutting-edge solutions and Zero Trust Architecture certification

TAIPEI, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CHANGING, the Taiwan-based leading innovator in the field of digital authentication and cybersecurity, is proud to announce its revolutionary advancements in device and identity authentication solutions.

The company’s pioneering approach seamlessly integrates Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) principles into practical applications, earning it certification from the National Cybersecurity Institute of Taiwan in June 2022. This certification reaffirms CHANGING’s commitment to align with the government’s strict zero-trust identity authentication requirements.

Strengthen computer security beyond identity

CHANGING’s holistic approach to digital authentication goes beyond identity verification and encompasses specific device authentication solutions designed to strengthen IoT security. The company’s comprehensive range of offerings include IoT products and solutions, cybersecurity software, multi-factor authentication, and a robust platform that protects data on the network and on devices.

Key features of CHANGING digital authentication solutions include:

In addition to its innovative technology, CHANGING has established itself as a reliable partner for both the public and private sectors. The company has a remarkable 90% market share in the financial industry, demonstrating its dedication to safeguarding sensitive financial data. Notable private sector clients, including TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), rely on CHANGING’s advanced authentication solutions to protect their critical assets.

CHANGING CEO Anderson Yang added: “CHANGING uses certified secure chips and device software integrity checks to enhance device security and reliability, providing defense against hacker attacks. Part of our unique solution is that we offer “physical isolation of device operating systems and applications, something that not all companies in this space are able to do. Overall, our goal is to offer customers a more secure environment.”

CHANGING’s commitment to improving digital authentication and cybersecurity has set a new standard in the industry. With a strong focus on Zero Trust Architecture and dedicated solutions for IoT security, CHANGING is poised to continue its journey as an industry leader.

To learn more about CHANGING and its innovative digital authentication solutions, visit www.changing.com.


CHANGING focuses on “information security” and “user, transaction and device identification authentication”, with 25 years of experience in identity authentication technology. All our solutions are developed in-house, which is our core value. We are committed to creating safer and more convenient online business processes for various industries. Through continuous innovation, we offer various products and services to meet customer needs. Our offering includes zero-trust digital authentication systems, Fintech security solutions and digital transformation applications.

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