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– Digital China’s Guo Wei shares ‘China showcase’ of global digital innovation with London Business School

LONDON, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On May 21, at the invitation of London Business School (LBS), Guo Wei, President of Digital China, participated in the prestigious “Digital Organization Management” conference, interacting with a group of potential business leaders. Focusing on the hot topics of “Artificial Intelligence” and “Digital Transformation”, he imparted the digital philosophy and practices of Chinese enterprises amid the era of digital civilization.

Digital China, a leading player in China’s digital economy, has leveraged more than two decades of deep involvement in the country’s information industry to harness the power of digitalization. This has culminated in what Guo Wei calls “the vibrant Chinese plan for digital transformation,” opening a distinctive path of digital metamorphosis. In particular, Digital China’s transformation narrative has been incorporated into LBS’s esteemed case library, underscoring its importance as a teaching instrument.

In his lecture, Guo Wei emphasized that the digital economy now forms the backbone of supply, and that digital technology is emerging as the main catalyst for economic expansion. The accelerated pace of global digitalization is propelling us towards an era of digital civilization. For multinational corporations, digital strategies have achieved the status of corporate strategy, and the accumulation of data assets constitutes the fundamental lever for business innovation. Amid this evolution, AI-driven digital cloud integration means disruptive technological innovation, poised to revitalize the global landscape. Digital China is honored to resume its role in the case repositories of elite international business schools, thereby contributing knowledge to the academic world. This recognition means that the digital and AI acumen of Chinese companies resonates globally, exemplifying world-class practices.

Professor Julian Birkinshaw, Vice Dean and Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at LBS, commented: “As a global institution, we constantly look for exemplary cases around the world. Digital China was chosen not only for its prominence in China but also for its sophisticated implementation of technologies digital, demonstrating adaptability and offering very valuable knowledge to our students about the contemporary business environment. The story of Digital China summarizes Guo Wei’s philosophy: digitalization transcends being a mere process, it embodies the existential logic for companies. This philosophy underpins our. decision to include Digital China in our case studies.”

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