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What can you do in an hour? It only takes one hour for a person in charge of a company to complete the mortgage business of six houses in the Real Estate Window of the Government Affairs Service Center of Baiyun District, Guiyang City.

According to Real Estate Service Window staff, “To facilitate the development of companies, we set up a service window for companies to complete real estate matters for one hour, reducing the time for companies to complete the mortgage registration of real estate, transfer registration, change registration and correction registration from 5 business days to 1 hour now.”

How long does it take to start a business? In the Guizhou Provincial Government Service Network, citizens can apply for registration to start a business, uploading relevant materials online through the “All-in-one Network” system, and after verification, can receive a business license by next day.

It is reported that Guizhou has made a seamless connection between the “All-in-one Network” system and the online approval service system of the Guizhou Provincial Government Service Network, and has built an Internet governance service system with general provincial planning, upper and lower liaison, interdepartmental coordination and management of a network.

According to the press conference on Guizhou Province’s efforts to promote reform and optimize the business environment, by the end of 2022, in Guizhou, the average time to start a business has been reduced from 7.6 days in 2018 to one day. , the number of items subject to approval for construction projects streamlined from 158 to 57, and the average approval time from 256 to less than 75 business days.

In fact, as the first national comprehensive big data pilot zone in China, Guizhou has taken the lead in building the first province-wide unified digital government platform. Now 100% of back office items can be handled online in Guizhou, and the online handling rate of the whole process has increased to more than 70%, allowing “data flow” to replace the “mass travel”.

In terms of enhancing the digital governance capacity of the Guizhou government, Guizhou has strengthened the construction of an integrated, efficient and effective government through cooperation with various enterprises. For example, through the document processing and official business management system project in cooperation with Seeyon, an Expo exhibitor, Guizhou has built a government collaboration platform that integrates official document processing, administrative business management , information sharing, learning and exchange.

In various districts and counties in Guizhou, digital governance has been involved in various government service systems, such as the judiciary and supervisory systems. For example, the Administrative Response and Reconsideration Case Management System, built by the Zunyi Justice Bureau based on the Seeyon Cooperation Platform, performs “unique key recovery”, “unique key statistics” and comprehensive analysis of administrative response and reconsideration case data, thus forming a standardized, digitized and integrated case management platform.

According to the Guizhou State Information Center’s evaluation report on the effectiveness of Guizhou Digital Government Construction, by adhering to the ideas of provincial general planning, platform connectivity, data centralization and business collaboration, the integrated mechanism of construction of Guizhou information has achieved remarkable results in promoting the construction of digital government, achieving the cloud platform construction goals of efficiently collecting, connecting and using data, and significantly improving the levels of government management, governance social and people’s welfare services, so that Guizhou’s digital government construction level is among the highest in China.

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