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– HONOR introduces four-layer AI architecture and moves forward with Google Cloud for more AI experiences at VivaTech 2024

Experience AI-powered studio-level portrait photography on the new HONOR 200 series

PARIS, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Global technology brand HONOR made its debut today at VivaTech, one of the largest technology and innovation events in Europe. During its keynote, HONOR showcased its innovative approach to AI on devices and unveiled its pioneering four-layer AI strategy. HONOR also announced upcoming Gen-AI experiences with Google Cloud, which will be included in its highly anticipated smartphones, opening up exciting possibilities to improve user experiences.

“At HONOR, we firmly believe that by combining the power of personalization, intuition and privacy protection of on-device AI, everyone can safely unlock the full potential of AI,” said George Zhao, CEO delegate of HONOR Device Co., Ltd. “We are also delighted to move forward with Google Cloud, leveraging our combined expertise to unlock the potential of this hybrid approach and deliver even more seamless AI experiences to our users.”

Introducing HONOR’s four-layer AI architecture

During the keynote, HONOR unveiled its four-layer AI architecture and demonstrated its strategic approach to integrating AI into MagicOS. This four-tier architecture comprises distinct layers. At the base layer, AI between devices and operating systems forms the basis of an open ecosystem, allowing computing power and services to be shared between devices and operating systems. Building on this, the platform-level AI layer enables a personalized operating system, enabling intent-based human-computer interaction and personalized resource allocation. At the third layer, application-level AI is poised to usher in a wave of generative and innovative AI applications that will revolutionize user experiences. Finally, on top, the Interface to Cloud-AI services layer provides users with easy access to massive cloud services while prioritizing privacy protection, creating a truly holistic and future-proof AI experience. .

As part of MagicOS 8.0, Magic Portal is the industry’s first intent-based user interface, understanding user behavior and streamlining complex tasks into single-step processes. Magic Portal currently supports 100 core apps across seven scenarios, including travel, productivity, messaging, search, entertainment, shopping, and social, with plans to expand usage scenarios to deliver even more seamless and intelligent AI experiences in the future.

As part of HONOR’s four-layer architecture, HONOR will integrate cutting-edge Gen-AI experiences, powered by Google Cloud, into its upcoming smartphones, promising to deliver a new level of intelligence and innovation to users with enhanced privacy protection.

Revolutionizing the portrait experience with the HONOR 200 series

Following the successful launch of AI Motion Sensing Capture, a cutting-edge feature that leverages AI to automatically capture fast-moving actions, HONOR also announced that the upcoming HONOR 200 series will take mobile photography to new heights with a new portrait experience enhanced by AI.

The HONOR 200 series is set to revolutionize portrait photography by bringing the expertise of Studio Harcourt, a legendary French photography studio known for its expertise in capturing classic portraits with iconic figures, every step of the way, leveraging artificial intelligence technology. to recreate the studio’s legendary lighting and shadow effects.

By using AI to learn from Studio Harcourt’s extensive portrait data set, the HONOR 200 series has successfully divided the entire portrait photography process into nine distinct steps and perfectly replicates Studio Harcourt’s entire method, ensuring flawless portraits and with studio quality in every shot.

The HONOR 200 Series will launch in Paris on June 12, powered by MagicOS 8.0, further cementing HONOR’s commitment to the democratization of AI technology. In a bid to make AI more accessible to a wider audience, HONOR also announced plans to deploy MagicOS 8.0 on its HONOR Magic V2 and HONOR 90 devices, allowing more users to experience the transformative power of AI.

The synergy between humans and artificial intelligence: smart devices for a better future

At the event, HONOR also hosted an engaging panel discussion featuring esteemed industry expert Dr. Justine Cassell. The discussion delved into the future of multimodal interaction, highlighting how this integration improves convenience and privacy protection for device users.

“On-device AI can better empower people,” George emphasized. “The device offers personalized recommendations while safeguarding user privacy by keeping data on the device. For example, HONOR’s Magic Portal design ensures that users maintain control over service selection and decision-making.”

In terms of multimodal interaction, Dr Justine Cassell noted: “Humans live multimodally. The rise of on-body devices such as rings and pins, along with powerful smartphones, shows growing comfort with AI that integrates language verbal and non-verbal cues such as gestures and facial expressions. This predicts the adoption of multimodally responsive AI on phones.”

“HONOR’s design philosophy is human-centric, with the human at the center of all devices. Cross-device integration, powered by AI, can combine the unique advantages of different devices in the future. Instead “From learning user behaviors in isolation on each device, this approach enables unified recognition of user intent at a macro level, offering personalized recommendations and suggestions,” said George.

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