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PHILADELPHIA, May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Richardson Sales Performance (“Richardson”), a global leader in sales training and performance improvement, proudly announces the launch of its new Accelerate Sales Performance System, a sales development solution. Metrics-driven sales capabilities that link rich analytics that reveal the most critical skill gaps impacting revenue with highly personalized training experiences to improve business results.

The Accelerate Sales Performance system allows revenue managers to:

The launch of the Accelerate Sales Performance system builds on Richardson’s commitment to innovation and customer success. By combining cutting-edge technology from its recent acquisition of e4enable with its proven sales content and training, Richardson continues to empower sales teams around the world to achieve peak performance and drive sustainable growth.

“At Richardson, our mission is to deliver practical solutions that drive real business results,” said John Elsey, president and CEO of Richardson. “The Accelerate Sales Performance System represents a paradigm shift in building sales capabilities; it shows how salespeople’s behaviors are affecting business metrics, guiding revenue leaders on where to focus to maximize impact. And they can see how their investments in developing their sales teams are paying off with a clear return on investment.”

The Accelerate Sales Performance system offers:

Early reactions from current and potential customers who were able to try out the new system at the RevEdge Summit in Chicago were very positive:

“Personalized learning experiences for salespeople”

“Contents oriented to the capabilities of your teams”

“Scoreboards for those responsible for training to identify opportunities and relate them to business impact”

“Leveraging data from your current technology stack to identify performance gaps”

For more information about the Accelerate Sales Performance system, visit www.richardson.com

About Richardson Sales Performance:

Richardson is how the world’s top sales organizations get better results from their sales training investment. We make real change happen through more adaptable content that creates agility, more useful technology that integrates with your CRM, and more visible progress with metrics connected to your systems.

For more information contact Meghan Steiner; meghan.steiner@richardson.com

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